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Added On: 16, Sep 2023

Author: Mrs BB ,Mom Muhseen ,

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Author Phone : 09034722970

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Description/Story: ο»Ώ[7/10, 8:26 AM] Mom Muhseen: πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž






Wani irin traffic ne aka had'a kan titin central park,wanda ya jawo tsaikon motoci.ko kad'an ma motocin basa tafiya tsaye suke,wasuna fitowa daga cikin motarsu suna hangen abunda ke faruwa,dan dazon mutane ne kan titin yayinda wasu keta fitowa kallon abunda ya faru.nima dai matsawa nai sosai don kashe kwarkwatar idona,mutane nake ta turewa ina kutsawa don isa inda wannan dan dazon mutanen oh may god masha Allah,wani tsalelen guy ne na gani kwance k'asa cikin jini,duk da yadda jini ya wanke fuskarsa da kirjinsa hakan bai hana tsananin kyawunsa fitowa ba,ko makaho ya shafa yasan wajennan akwai kyau na fitar sharia..............araina nace kai mutanen mu sai abarsu yanzu duk nan babu wanda zai iya kawo mashi d'auki......ban idasa tunani naba naga wani guy yashigo wajen a dari da hamsin yana shashsheka,,,,,bai tsaya ko inaba sai gaban wannan guy d'in dake kwance cikin jini.........kuka yake yana jijjigashi yana cewa mutanen dake zagaye dasu. "Don Allah ku tai makeni na kaishi asibiti,bana iya daukarshi....don Allah kuduba halin da yake ciki,ko numfashi fa bayayi."amman saboda rashin mutunci babu wanda ya kulashi saima tsogumi suke akan ya kauda masu shi suna da abunyi,wani babban mutun yakalleshi yace"wai ba d'an gidan ALH MAINAH bane,wannan tsinennen yaron zamu taimaka,ai baida wani anfani,tunda har iyayen dasu haifai ma sun yardashi basu so wa kuwa zai jefa kanshi cikin matsala,gara kabarshi ya mutu domin itace tafi dacewa da mai irin layyarsa la,anennen yaro kawai."
Nanfa kowa yaita fad'an albarkacin bakinsa akan wannan guy dake wance har lokaci baisan wake kanshi ba,kuka guy din dake rike dashi yake yana neman taimako amman babu mai kulashi,daker yajashi gefen hanya yana kuka yana cewa.
"Allah yana tare dakai *Alfah* insha Allah ba yanzu zaka mutuba,kowane mai rai da tashi jarabtar kai kuma haka taka tazo,Allah ya baka ikon cinyewa...........kwantar dashi yayi ya koma bakin titin yana tsayar damai taxi cikin ikon Allah yasamo,da gudu suka zo suka daukeshi shida mai taxin suka sashi cikin motar,basu tsaya ko ina ba sai asibiti.
Cikin gaggawa suka ansheshi suna ta fad'an meyasa ba,a kawoshi cikin gaggawa ba shidai wannan bawan Allah baida bakin magana,domin shidai burinsa yaga aminin nashi yadawo hayyacinsa,card ya siya yaje aka rubuta mashi duk abunda ake bukata.ansa yai ya wuce pharmacy ATM yabada aka zara sannan aka bashi abunda ake bukatar,yaje yakai yadawo ya zauna yadafe kai.hawaye share share ga fuskarsa yake magana kamar mahaukaci shikadai.
" babu abunda zai sameka *ALFAH* zaka tashi,insha Allah babu abunda xai faru,duk yadda kake kaunar mutuwa idan kwananka na gaba bazaka tab'a mutuwa ba,saidai kasha wuya kurun ban san har sai yaushe zaka gane abunda nake nusar dakai ba,ko mutuwar kayi Alfah bakada tabbacin acan din zaka dace da jin dadin daka rasa anan duniya,kayi hkr komi mai wucewa ne no condition is permanent.inaji araina watarana komi zai daidaita.........kuka yake yana tsananin tausayawa abokin nashi,baida kamar Alfah duk duniya shine gatanshi shine kominsa, duk abunda yasamai na dadi dana bakinciki tare suke raba wa,.........dafashi akai ya d'ago fuskarsa ta b'aci da hawaye wani likitane tsaye kanshi,saurin tashi yayi yana goge face d'insa cikin kermar murya yace"Dr ya farka yadawo hankalinsa ko,babu abunda yasamai."
Murmushi Dr yayi yace"don't worry ur brother is a life,amman muje office i need to talk 2 u serious issure."
Binsa yayi harma yaso wuce dr saboda sauri duk ya susuce,rik'oshi Dr yayi yana mashi dariya dafa kafad'arsa yayi suka k'arasa har office d'insa.


"Assalamu alaikum."

Wata tsaleliyar budurwa tayi sallama acikin wani gida wanda baza akirashi da gidan mai arzik'iba,haka baza ka kirashi da gidan talaka ba,gidane daidai wa daida ginin bulone na sumunti,saidai kallo d'aya zakayi mar kasan cewar ginin yasha jiki,kuma bana yanzu bane don wani wajen ma yad'an gugure,d'akuna ukune biyu ciki da falo saidaya single,sai kitchen acan daidai hanyar fita,public toilet daga can ciki yake.sai filin tsakargida mai d'auke da dalbejiyar umbrella tsakar gidan shafe da smuntu,dagani ba ajima da yin saba.duk dadai babu fenti tsakar gidan, saidai cikin d'akunan ya keda shi,shima yasha jiki dagani andauki shekaru dayawa dayinsa daga gefe idan kashigo zaka hango rijiya.gaba kadan kuma wajen kiwon dabbobine da kaji.........atakaice dai wannan gida mamamallakinsa yana da rufin asirinsa,daidai gwargwado daga waje kuma inzaka shigo akwai shaguna biyu jikin gidan,d'aya d'aki aka maidashi dayan kuma kayan masa rufine aciki ake siyarwa.

"Assalamu akaikum"
Wannan tsaleliyar budurwar tasake maimaita sallamarta tana yamutsa fuska,sai hakan yayi matukar sake k'awata fuskarta,farace fess don kadan zai hana ba kace mata zabaya ba,haskenta hade yake da jajaja amman saika lura zaka gane hakan........"wai gidan ba kowane sai sallama nake idan kuma nashigo ace ba ajiba saina sake,wlh nidai shigo zan nagaji da wage bakina har yafara ciwo."
Wata matace ta fito daga wani lungu rik'e da buta da alamar ma daga ban d'aki take.
"Wlh ina band'aki najiyoki nasan wasu kaya sai amale inba *SOFIYYAH* ba babu mai shigowa gida yayita kwala ihu yana hayagga."
Turb'une fuska tayi tana sake yamutseta tace"wayyo Allahna mamana kefa kikace indaina shigowa gida banyi sallama anjiba,yanzu kuma nayi kince ina hayagaga ke kullum yasmeen ce keyin daidai,nadawo ma ko sannu bakiyi man ba,ga yunwa ga kishirwa ga gajiya,koma kice *FIYAH* yau kin dade meya tsaidaki aa sai kika hau yiman fad'a.......tafiya take zuwa d'akinsu tana wannan tsogumin.

Murmushin matar tayi tana biye da ita tace"Allah yashiryaki bazaki tab'a canza waba fiyah."
Binta tayi cikin d'akin tana cewa"to yi hkr uwar masu gida,yau lafiya kika jima haka ko lectures d'inne suka yi yawa."
Kaya take tub'ewa tana turo d'an bakinta kamar na tsuntsu,tace "mama yau dawuri muka tashi wlh,inata murna zandawo intai islamiya,mama muna zuwa titin wajen central park wanda ya mik'e har zuwa *ALFAH STORE SHOPPING MALL* wlh mama traffic ya tsaidamu munkai one hour wajen,ashe wanine yayi had'ari amman akarasa mai taimakonsa,mafarin muka kai har kamar yanzu."
Daga itasai undey da bra,sai surutu take ma maman.matsa kusa da ita tayi tace "mama ballemun donAllah."
Girgiza kai uwar tayi tana balle mata bra d'in tace"baki tab'a canzawa fiyah ace katuwar budurwa dake fiyah kullum ni ko yasmeen mune y'an 6alle maki breziya,kinji kunya wlh aibanganin laifinta intayi maki dariya."turo baki take tana sun6ure sun6ure.
"Bari naje in sauke miya kin d'auke man hankali karta babbake,ta fice ita kuma ta d'aura karamin towel d'inta daya bayyana santala santalan k'afafunta,farare tas idona yakai ga bombom d'inta zaro ido nai nace masha Allah madaidaita masu ban sha,awa,komi dai jikin fiyah masha Allah,komi yaji gashinta kwance yake kan tsakiyar bayanta,toilet dake cikin d'akin nasu tashige *fiyah* kenan matashiyar budurwa yar shekara ashirin cif.


"Dr kakirani kuma kanata y'an rubuce rubuce,na matsu naji wane hali d'an uwana yake ciki."
Ajiye biron hannunsa yayi yana cewa"sorry abokina,ya sunanka ma dai."

" *malik*" yafa d'a atakaice
Dr yace"nice name,yi hkr malik ina rubuta wasu magungunan nanne,i think wad'ancan bazasuyi mashi aiki sosai ba."
Shafa kanshi yayi yana fesar da iska yace"nifa ba wannan natambayeka ba cewa nai wane hali yake ciki yanzu,shine abunda nafi bukatar ji daga gareka."
Ajiyar zuciya Dr ya sauke yace"ka kwantar da hankalika ya dawo ciki hayyacinsa,munyi masa d'inkin raunikan da yaji,sannan munyi kokari munga muntsayar dajinin dake fita ta jijiyar da aka yakesa.yanzu haka jini meke karamai........shiru yayi na wani lokaci kafin ya sake kallon guy d'in yace"amman ya akai kabari brother naka yakeshan giya,giyarma the most high one."
Sadda kai yayi yana jin wani irin bakin ciki cikin ransa,mezaicewa dr shin cemai zai eh yasani yanasha.koko aa bai isa hana Alfah yin duk abunda yaga damaba,adacan ma bai dakatar dashiba balle yanzu daya sake rikicewa,babu maigane gabansa balle bayan sa.don yayi imanin muddin ya farka yasan cewa asibiti yake ba karamin rigima zasuyi ba........."kayi shiru abokina."
Gyara zama yayi yace"nasani dr saidai banda yadda zanyi dashine yafi karfina wlh.nayi iyakar duk kokarin dazan wajen ganin yabarta abun yaci tura,"
Kallonsa dr yake fuskar sa ta nuna 6acin rai"mekake son gaya man,wannan ba reason bane ina iyayensa ina mahaifiyarsa duk yake wannan,sannan kaikuma bakaje ka sanar dasu ba kasan mekayi kenan?to kaci amanar su kai Allah zai kama da laifi tunda kasan hakin da d'ansu yake ciki bakaje kasanar dasu ba sud'auki gashinan tafara mashi illah donma yayi sa,a ni ban ta6a ganin wanda yake ta ammalli da irin wannan win dinba bata kasheshi har lahira ba,yaci sa,a bawani dayawa ta ta6ashiba amman ka sanar da iyayensa su sai sudauki matakin dakatar dashi,tunda kace baijin maganarka."
Maganin ya bashi yace yaje waje yasiyo don nan basu dashi gaskiya.
Fita malik yayi yana cikin tsananin tunani da maganar dr.
"Oh ni malik,yazanyi da Alfah taya zan tursasa sa yabar shan win,ban isa ma nayi mashi wanan maganar ba,ni na isa addua ce kurin maganinsa don ko hauka nafara sabon kamu ban ma tunkarar *maitama estate* ni yanzu ubanwa ya haifeni balle har nakai ga isa gidan *ALH MAINAH* ince d'ansa yana cikin matsala wlh kaf rayuwata gidan kurkuku zan k'areta.zandai yiwa Alfah Addua ubangiji ya kawo wani cikin rayuwarsa da zai tallafeshi,yafitar dashi daga cikin wannan *bakar rayuwa*

Uhmm masu karatu yanzu muka fara,ko yatsa bamu tsoma ba,fatan za ku cigaba da kasancewa dani ahankali zan warware maku zare da kuma abawar.kudai kugyara zama *ABDOUL-NASSER (ALFAH) YANA TAFE SA ABUBUWA KALA KALA*

[7/11, 10:17 AM] Mom Muhseen: πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž






Taxi ya shiga yana cikin tsananin tunani,har tsoran farkawar Alfah yake,don shikadai yasan rigimar dasuke don dai Allah yabashi juriya da kuma hakuri,da zaman shi da Alfah bazaije ko inaba.
Yadda kowa ya gujeshi shima da tuni yadade da kama gabansa,saidai alkairin da yayi mashi bazai iya saka k'afa ya shure shiba,bacin haka yayi alkawarin da bazai iya karya shiba,hkr dai shine zai cigaba dayi watan watarana komi zai zo ya wuce.
Wani k'ayataccen pharmacy yaje kamar ba a nigeria ba yasiyo maganin,ya taho yana adduar Allah ya taimakeshi yasha maganin,duk da abun zai wuya Alfah ko ciwo me zai kasheshi idan ba yaga yana mashi kuka ba tofa bazai shaba,karshe har yagane inayin hakanne don yasha d' dana fara kuka zaibar mun wajen.dafe kai yayi yana ajiyar zuciya kurun.......


"Mamana Zan wuce isalamiya,duk da dai na makara,idan yasmen ta dawo don Allah ga hijabina nan ka igiya mama don Allah ta wanke mun."
Mahaifiyar tasu data fito daga d'akin sanwa tace"baki tausayinta Fiyah,tun safe fa bata gidanan. tana can tana wahala da gidan jamila,nasan in ta dawo ta gaji kiyi hkr kisaka wata mana."
Tsaye take bakin k'ofar d'akinsu tana saka safah,tace"shikenan mama idan nadawo na wanke,daman abunda yasa nace haka jinai nafara atishawa ina tsoran tab'a ruwa,gashi kinga yau akwai sanyi sosai."
Maman tace"subhanallahi,aikuwa in hakane kibari na wanke maki,inma dole sai ita zakisa,injin tsoran wannan lamoniyar taki Fiyah."
Jikkarta tad'auka tana murmushi mai tsananin kyau tace"kibarshi mamana,zan saka wata bari natai saina dawo in babana ya dawo ki sumbatar mun shi amadadin."
Duka ta kawo mata ta ruga waje tana dariya,ita ma uwar dariyar tayi tana cewa Allah ya shirya ki sofiyyah."

Tafiya take cikin estate d'in wanda babu kowa cikin unguwar tasu,hakan yazama dabiar yan unguwar badai kasameta da mutane sosai ba,sauri take ta isa bakin titi tasamu taxi batason ta rasa qarin ahalarin da za,ai masu yau............get d'in estate din taga an wangale,bayanta ta waiga ta hango wata dan k'areriyar G wagon fara tas zatafita. ta saba ganin irin wad'anan motocin cikin unguwar tasu *maitama estate* domin kaf unguwar babu karamin mutun duk manya manyan y'an siyasane da masu manyan mauk'ami,gaba ki d'aya unguwar sune suka fita daban,sune kaskantattun talakawa ababen kyama,don babu mai hudda dasu cikin unguwar inbanda gida guda.......don ana kallonsu wulakantattu wad'anda talauci yayiwa katutu,bacin su sunsan suna cikin rufin asirin Allah basu rasa ciba,basu rasah shaba,mahaifinsu yananiyakar kokarinsa don gani ya kawar da idonu aka kallon nawasu,taaye kan iyalinsa.........
wani uban burki aka taka gabanta,duk saurinta bata samu ta riga motar fita ba,ajiyar zuciya ta sauke tana kallon wadda ke cikin motar tana murmushi.
"Kin bani tsoro rafeea,ashe kin dawo shiyasa ma ban shigaba."
Dariya tayi tace "matoraciya kawai,shigo mu wuce baki ga time ba,nadawo wlh ko minty ashirin banba wanka nai nai salah naci abinci kurun nafito."
Bud'e motar tayi tashiga tace"kinfi kowa sanin Fiya bata da waya aiko.rabona da time tunkan nafito gida "
Dariya rafeea tayi tace"to uwar gasa magana namance,amman fah gaskiya ya dace ace yah jalal ya barki kirik'e waya hakanan."
Murmushi tayi tace"kinmance waye yah ko,to ni ai ban mance ba,amman nasan soon zai siya man tunda daman jira yake saina fara jamia."
Haka suka ringa fira har suka isa makarantar,kasancewar sometimes tare suke tafiya saidai idan daya bata dawo makaranta da wuri ba.

Kamar karya shiga d'akin don yana gudun ace ya farka,saidai kuma inhar Yafarka tokuwa bazai zaunaba ficewa zai...........ahankali yashiga d'akin ya ajiye ledar magungunan yana kare mashi kallo,yanajin tsananin tausayinsa yana ratsashi......kwallah suka cika idonsa ya kalli hannunsa da aka nad'e da bandeji ya girgiza kai yana tunano abunda yayi dalilin faruwar hakan.


Exercise yake d'akin motsa jikinsa,don shikadai yake yi malik baida ra,ayin sa yakai one awa yana gudu kan injin gudun,kafin ya sauka ya dauki wani gingimemen karfe yana d'agawa shima yajima yana d'agashi kamar ba karfe yake d'agawa ba saboda yadda yake d'ashi kamar wani tsinke.......malik ne yashigo wajen dauke da tiren breakfast,ya ajiye gefensa yana cewa"tun bakwai nasafe kake nan wajen gashi har sha biyu saura ka ajiye kasaka wani abu cikinka."
Kamar yana magana da dutsi haka yayi mashi,kasancewar malik baya fushi da Alfah duk abunda zai mashi,saboda Nauyin da yadaukar wa mahaifiyarsa da kuma wanda ya daukar wa kanshi.............maganar yasake nanata mai yasake banza dashi tashi yayi ya isa inda yake,ya dafa shi yace "Alfah duk wannan abun da kake baya canza komi,kuma bazai canza ba kayarda da kaddara mana,akwai fa wad'anda suka fika shiga kunci kuma suka fawwalama Allah,saikai kace bazaka yi biyayya ga hukuncin Allah ba.sannan Nariga nayiwa momi alkawarin kulawa da............... *malikk!!!* ya kwatsa mai tsawar da saida tasaka malik firgita,jefar da karfen da yake d'agawa yayi yana zazzaro idanu,dandanan fuskarsa ta idasa rikicewa da tsananin masifa.......tunkaro shi yake yana ja baya har suka dangane da bango.hannunsa yana kerma ya daga shi ya kaiwa bango naushi,dan danan hannun ya fashe,saboda bangon ba kamar irin na bulo bane,wani sumfarine nadaban.
donsa yayi masifar jaa cikin voice d'insa mai firgitarwa yafara magana cikin dakiya,
"Wlh wlh wlh kajidai rantsuwa uku ko in kasake gigin anbata mun sunan wani cikinsu saina kashe kaina,har sau nawa zan jamaka kunne ne wai ehy."
Furzar da iska yayi yana huci ya matsa daga...


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5 months ago


It is a very interesting book

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