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YAR FULANI Complete Hausa Novel Document by YAR FULANI


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Total Words: 40148


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Added On: 06, Oct 2023

Author: Aisha Ali Garkuwa ,

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Category: Love Novels

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Description/Story: ο»Ώ[4/12, 6:12 PM] Aisha Aliyu Garkuwa: πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡
10:29 Am.sat,14 Nov 2015.


πŸ’«πŸ“'yar Fulani.part 1 Na
Aysha Ali garkuwa.

```Gargardi a kiyaye juya min wannan lbrin ta ko wacce siga Dan lbrina k'irk'ira ne banyi Dan wasuba
Duk Wanda ko wacce ta juya min koda harafi daya ne ba tare da izinina ba Allah ya isa```

Motoci kusan guda10 ne suke kan titin sunata tsallah gudu 3nagaban fadawa ne sai Na 4 shikuma mai martaba ne aciki sai mai binsa shikuma waziri ne da mu karrabensa guda 2 masu bin nasu waziri shima fadawane aciki sai motarsu yarima Na baya kuma shima Na dogaraine tafiya ce mai nisan gaske sukayi sunfito daga iyakar Cardi inda mai martaba yaje yawon rangadi dan magance matsalar dake tsakanin makiyaya da manoma yerimi dayake bayan mota azaune ya lumshe idonsa yana shakar iskar da take ratsa wurin gaba daya ga pamshi furanni da yake keta hancin duk wani Dan Adam dayake wuri bishi yoyine kala kala awurin yana cikin jin nishadinsa yaji direban nasa yayi wani irin wawan birki cikin sauri ya bude idonsa ya mati lfy kuwa cikin girmamawa yace oga dabbobine aka hanyar gaba daya ahankali ya daga idanunsa ya kalli kan hanyar ya kara bude idon da kyau yaga dai abinda yake ganin da gaskene ko ko idonsane yake mai gixo dabbobine bila adadin suna fitowa ta kudu suna yin arewa apallah zasu kai su 1000 ga shanu d rakuma ga dokuna tumaki abin ba iyaka .yace to yenxu mati tsayuwa zamu har sugama wucewa? Mati yace to oga sunfa cika hayyar gaba daya babu ta inda xamu Tasha mu wuce.ya Amman dai kasan so nake in samu jam in sallar manpariba a gida ko? Ku kaga mai martaba zaita jiranmu waima ya akayi kabari suka tseremana su yasukayi suka wuce. Mati yace kayi hakuri oga wlh dabbobine sukayi mana shigar sauri.cikin tsawa yace mati maza ja mota mutafi yace oga tayaya aharzupe yace koma tayaya nidai kaja mutafi insamu inyi sallah agida imayaso kataka su insunji wuya zasu bamu hanyar ya iska marasa hankali suxo su zubawa mutane dabbobi akan titi saikace dama titin don su akayishi kaja mutafiko.jikake fas fas yanata bugesu wasu Na faduwa wasu kuma sukayi baya wasu sukayi gaba gaba daya suka hargitsa wurin da kokekensu.mati yaja birki saida kan yarima yayi gaba yayi baya yabugi jikin kujera aharxupe cikin masifa yafara yiwa mati bala.I ohoo yaukam kasheni xakayi kenan xaka karyamin wuya abanza.mati yace oga wata yarin yacefa akan titin.yace to kurmace ita ko makauniyace tana ganin abin dazai kasheta kuma tana tsaye mati yace itace mai dabbibin Dan naganta da kayan fulani. To kaje kacemata tabamu hanya muwuce.bai karisa rufe bakinsaba kawai yaji kas ta radawa glass din motar sandan hannunta gaba daya glass din ya tarwatse ajikinsu tunda suke maganar Nazir yana jinsu Amman bayai samusu bakiba don yasan halin Hassan yanzu zai haushi da fada ya huce akansa abanxa.sai yanxu day aga yarinyar ta fasa musu glass dinmota dama ta gefen dayake take tsaye ahankali cikin nitsuwa yafara bata hakuri yace baiwar Allah kiyi hakuri birkine yadan so ya tsinkemana don Allah kiyi hakuri kuma kigaya min nawane kudin asarar damukayi muku sai in biyako yafada yana mai kaskantar da kai.cikin gurbataciyar hausarta irin ta Fulani tace bana son reinin wayo karku maidamu dabbobi man dan iskanci kuna gani kunayiwa mutane asara Dan rashin imani kuna taka dabbobi kunaji sunata kakkaryewa masu matuwa suna ta mutuwa Amman ko ajikinku daye baku da imani kuma kun dau kemu kamar ma haukata ko?.cikin tsawa dajin haushi hassan yace to dama kumenene ba gondama mahaukataba ansan sunada larurar haukaba kufa bakuda babanci da dabbobinku kai wani lkacinma dabbobin sunfiku hankali kallekifa me marabarki da tafiya tsirara wai adole kinyi kwalliya jahilan banxa jahilan wofi wadanda basuda wani amfani adoron kasa in banda tada zaune tsaye ba abinda kuka iya kauyawan banxa.
Cikin tsiwa itama race badai niba yace tsaiwa inba keba ta murguda ba ta harareshi tace sai kai aijahili shine maikisan kai yace ke kinsan koni waye kuwa kike gayamin Baker magana ta sake cillamai harara tace koma dai kai wayene nidai wlh ba tsoronka zanjiba.cikin hamzari yakama murfin nota xai bude Nazir yayi saurin rikeshi yace haba yarima ai wannan ba girmanka bane fada da mace kumama bororiya ai den kazubda class dinka ka shareta mutafi kagafa har anfara kiran sallah hassan yace kaji shegiyar yarinya nitake gayawa bakaken maganganu.
Da sauri wanidan saurayi ya iso gunsuya kama hannun yarinyar yanacewa bimbi mutafi gida maiyasa bakye jin maganar Bappa kinada rashin hakuri. yace don Allah malam kuyi hakuri kutafi.nazir yace to asarar damuka yimukufa? yaron yace Bappa yahanamu karbar abun biya kuje kawai mun yafe. Nazir yace mungode Allah ya kare gaba yaron yace ameen itakuma tace nidai ban yafeba suka juya suka tafi.
Suma mati yatada mota suka tafi hassan dai sai huci yaba ba.abarshi ya maketa ba nazir yace haba yarima saikace Kayi yaki da makiyanka wannan huci haka.
Cikin matsifa yace ehh ai yakinne wlh nanda wata 3 duk wani bororo xai bar jihar Gombe sai dai sunemi inda xasu shiga da dabbobinsu ma haukata kawai kagafa dama matsifarsuce tasamu wannan yawon rangadin naxir yayi dariya harda tafa hannu yace inadai a gombe kawai xaka koresu ba Nigeria gaba dayaba zaka koresu.ya Amman dai kasan inada damar da zan koru ajihohin dake kusadamu kaga zan iya korarsu saga bauchi da Adamawa haka kuma katsina Kano kuma damancen basuda mahaukatan makiya kamar namu. Nazir ai wlh kaikam halin sai allah dai dai lokacin mati yadan hancin motar cikin gidan bayan baba mai gadi yabudemusu gate ....

By garkuwan Fulani
[4/12, 6:13 PM] Aisha Aliyu Garkuwa: πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡
'Yar Fulani part 2 Na Aysha Ali garkuwa

Tun mati bai karisa yin parking ba yarima ya bude motar ya fita yaje yayi alwala yatafi masallaci ya samu yayi sallah manpariba yana idarwa aka tada ikama sallar isha sun idar da sallah suka fita ajere shida nazir suna tafiya hassan yaji andora masa hannu kan kafadarsa anjawoshi koda bai juyaba yasan waye yayi masa haka don yasan Hussaini ne kadai zaimasa haka yace yadai brother kundawo lfy ko? ya akayi su mai martaba suka rigaku isa?kodai katsaya ganin Garine? Hassan yace wai kai kam brother bakinka baya iya shirune ko dai baka gajiya ne da surutu mutum kamar aku baya iya nutsuwa. Nazir yayi πŸ˜„yace Hussain wlh hucewa zaiyi akaka dai dai lokacin suka shiga cikin babban parlor inda duk mutanen gidan suka hallaru don cin abicin dere suna shiga Hussain da nazir suka nufi dining suka zauwana shikuma hassan yaje ya zauna kan kujara ya turo hularsa kan fuskarsa ya kishin kida yanata kada kafa.Umma ce tafara masa magana tace yadai babana baka karaso kan dining ba lfy kuwa?mai martama yace yarima kodai gajiyar hayyace take damunka shidai kai kawai yake girgiza wa alamar a a Hussain yace brother kaxo muci abici kajiko? Cikin hada fuska yace bazanciba jaka diya da keta zirga zirgan hada musu abinci taje takawomar nono mai sanyi tacemai Dana ga abinda kakeso nakawo maka ahankali yace mane mama tace nono ne.yace bazan shaba ya isheni cikin mamaki tace nonon yace eh mama natsani nono natsani masu saida nono.gaba dayansu suka juyo suna kallonsa da mamaki a idanunsu.Umma tace mai martaba mai akayiwa yarima ne a tafiyar da kukayi mai mai martaba yayi dry yace sai dai kutabbayi naziru tunda tare suke Amman nikam bansaniba. Cikin kaduwa Hussain yace nazir me akayiwa brother na?nazir yayi dry .yakwashe lbrn yadda sukayi da yar Fulani yagayamusu yaci gaba dacewa yace cikin wata uku duk saiya kori makiyaya akasar bubayero.sarki yayta dry.Umma kuma taje gunsa tanata lallabashi akan yaje yaci abinci.jakadiya takawo wanna yace bazaiciba takuma kwaso wani takawo yace a a.
Ammi da tunda sukafara maganar takaici ya hanata samusu baki don tasan tana farawa Umma da sarki zasu hauta da fada. sai yanzu data samu sarkin yafita cikin jin haushi da takaici tafara fada tanacewa aikin banza ai wlh kukuke kulashi kada Allah yasa yaci abincin cikinsa ko cikin wani harda wani zaka kori Fulani a Gombe kakoresu tunda kai kakawosu wlh Kuma haushi kukebani zaku wani damu da bacin ransa mutumin da damancan ba a gane farin cikinsa ko bakin cikinsa kullum fuskarsa kamar anyimai bushara da shiga wuta to wlh kanka zakaci mukam inda ka ganmu nanzaka barmu nikuma yanzu indon ta nine kashekara baci abinciba ko agelena.Umma tace ya isa haka Aysha fadan ya isa don Allah kitafi part dinki tunda bazaki iya lallabasaba to kuma karki karamai kayan haushi.ammi tajuya tayi tafiyarta tanata fada'umma tace hassan meza a dafamaka yayi shiru kamar badashi ake maganaba tasake fadin maikake so a hankali yayi maganar.yace sai anjima ina zuwa tace to tagane abinda ya fadane don tana kalon bakinsa.tajuya ta tafi mama takama tattara kwanukan wurin nazir kam dama yadade da tafiya. hussain ne kadai awurin shima dayaga ba kulashi zaiyiba sai yanufi dakin ammi.
Yakai kusan awa 1 awuri.ahankali yatashi ya nufi dakin Umma yana zuwa yasamu su Zubaida ne a parlor suna ganinshi ya shigo suka tafi dakinsu.yayi sallama sau 2 ana 3ne Umma ta amsamasa saida tabashi ixinin shiga tukunna yashiga.tana zaune kan sallaya tana rikeda carbi.tace. hassan ya dago manya idanunsa yakalleta.inda sabo toyaci ace kowama acikin gidanna yasaba da halin hassan.
Don shi zakayimai kira 10 Amman dawuya kasamu ya amsa 1 ma inkuma yarane suka kirashi ko idon baya dagawa yakallesu baresu sa ran zai amsa.musu
Tace mezan dafa maka? yace Umma kidan gasamin nama irin gashinkinnan mai dan roma romannan. Tace tobarin ije yace to .yamika hannunsa yajawo pillow ya Dan kishin kida ya Dan kwanata kadan kuma yamike ya nufi kitchen yasamu Umma da mama suna aikinsu sunata hira kaikace kawayene ba tsoggoma ko kadan.
Yace Umma inkin gama INA gun ammi. Tace to ba damuwa yajuya ya tafi yana fita suka hadu da Hussain yace yauwa brother dama kai nake nema.
Yace to nono zan bakene yayiπŸ˜„yace a a kawaidai sonake kazo mutatafi kagafa dare yanyi.
To bakasan hanya bane yace eh ban saniba.hassan yace to sai kajirani.yace to ba laifi Dan kanina.
Hassan ya hararesa yace waye kaninka yace kai.dasauri yayi kansa shikuma Hussain ya shiga parlor ammi da gudu.hassan nabiye dashi abaya.
Ammi tana zaune kan doguwar kujera da wani Dan karamin kwano hannunta tana sawa yatsunta lalle.
Hussain yana zuwa ya zauna gefenta yana cewa
LA ammi lalle kike sawane tace e ya kamo hannunta yace kawo nasamiki tace bari kawai nakusa karasawa ma ta dago ta kalli.hassan da yake zaune agefe yanata faman tottoshe hanci da gyetsina fuska.
Toce kai mene kaketa bata fuska? yace wlh ammi dakin wari yakeyi shikin fushi tace warin me kenan
Ko kashine ajikinmu kumama ba wanda yaji warin sai kai me hancin yan gayu ko.yace a a ammi wlh abinnane yake wari ya nuna Dan kwanon data kwaba lalle aciki.
Tace to ai ban kirakaba ko don haka inkaga dama kazauna inkuma bai maka ba kofa abude take sai ka kama gabanka ko.
Shidai baikara cewa komaiba.
Umma ta shigo rike da kula tace gashiko kaci Ku tafi dare yana yi.suka zauna sukaci su biyu
Suka yimasu saida safe suka tafi a motar Hussain.suna xuwa suka samu nazir kam yadade dayin bacci sai sauke numfashi yakeyi .hassan yayi wokka ya yasa kayan baccinsa ya kwanta.yana cewa Hussain Dan Allah kar kadawo inda nake ka takuramin abanxa kaga gaba daya agajiye nake.gobe ko hospital bazan jeba. Shidai bai kulashi ba
Da asuba hassan yatashi yaga Hussain yana kwance agensa .ya ja tsaki yace yaro kamar maye saida nacemaka banason kazo ka takurani Amman saida kazo ka takurani ya dakamai duka yace tashi sarkin naci.nazir kaima tashi mutafi masallaci ya sauko daga kan gadon yanata Mita ni wlh ba abinda natsana kamar kwana da wani akan gado amma don naci saikabar naka kadawo guna don katakurani.
Ahaka dai suka tafi massallacin..

By Garkuwan Fulani
[4/12, 6:13 PM] Aisha Aliyu Garkuwa: πŸ“πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡
Yar Fulani part 3 Na Aysha Ali garkuwa

Asalin lbrn su hassan..sarki Usman shine mahaifin sarki Aliyu.sarki Usman yanada mata 2 da yara 5 hajiya Amina itace uwar gida tanada 'yaya 3 Aliyu d Abubakar sai fatima.sai hajiya Maryam itakuma tanada yara 2 Ibrahim d hadiza.suna zaman lfy cikin fahimtar juna.lkcin Da babban danshi Aliyu ya gma karatunshi to awannan lkcinne sarki Usman yayi murabus yabarwa dansa Aliyu gadon mulki.randa aka na damishi sarautar jihar Gombe aranar aka dauramasa aure da nafisa wacce takasance 'yar sarkin Adamawa shekararsu 13 da yin aure.sannan ya kara wani auren inda ya auro yar saikin katsina.h nafisa wacce suke kira da Umma yayanta 4 uku maza daya mace babban dansu mai suna Bashir sai fawas d Ibrahim sai autarta Amina tana aure a daura suma mazan gaba daya sunyi aure.sai h Aysha wacce suke cewa ammi itama yayanta 4 hassan d Hussain sune yan farinta sai amir d Zubaida. Suna xamane namasu ilmi da sanni ya kamata.indai don kashiga gidan nadan wasu kwanaki baka taba babace tsa kainsuba bazaka gane yaya waye wannaba ko yayan wanceba.Umma kusan ita taraeni su hassan da jakadiya ammi bta klsu sosai bazaka taba yerda ita ta haifesuba sabida bata wani damu da shiga harkarsuba.
Sau dayawa sarki sai yasata agaba yana mata nasiha akan tarinka jansu ajiki tanuna musu so koda kadanne..takanyi drya tace towai wanne irin so zan gwada musu wanda umman su bata gwada musuba ko kai kanka ko jakadiya so tako wanne gefe nunamusu shi akeyi yayunsu da kannensu kowa kauna yake nuna musu d yan uwanka gaba daya.yace duk da haka aike uwace kuma dole su bukaci klwarki mussamman ma hassan kina yawan hantararsa d rashin kulawar ki.tace hum shifa wannan yaron dakake ganinsa halinsa sai a addu.a.ya fiye tsiri d iyayi g takurawa kannesa.
Ga shegen kenkenin tsiya shi kowa ma saiya nuna yana kyemarsa.sarkin yayi dry yace baxaki dai canjaba ko?tace a a bance haka ba.
Yace to kikula kinjiko? Ta geda kae kawai ....
Nazir Dane ga wazirin sarki rana daya aka haufeshi dasu hassan sun shaku tun suna yara sarki yakan dauku Hassan d Hussain.Suje fada shiku wazuri yana zuwa da nazir. Ahaka suka taso kamar yan uku.sai dai babbacin kama domin da ka kalli hassan d Hussain to ba sai ancema tagwaye bane fararene tas har saida suka Dan yi yellow yellow suna da tsawo d fadin kirji basuda wani banbaci afiskarsu suna da manya idanu masu dogon goshi zara zara g gashin girarsu bakikirin yana kwance saman idon su har wabi sheki yakeyi leben bakin sukuwa koyau she zaka Ganshi yana sheki gashi kamar suna shafa jambaki gashin kansu kuwa kamar Na larabawa sabanin Nazi lallai nazir ma kekeywane ajin karshe to saidai zama atsakaninsu hassan yasa ba afiye ganin kennasaba abin dai gwanin sha awa sunyi karatunsu Na primary anan cikin gombe daga nankuma aka samumusu makarnta...

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