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AKWAI LOKACI Complete Hausa Novel Document by AKWAI LOKACI


Cover Design Copyright and attribute to Marus Graphics

Uploaded by @Taskar

Total Words: 178606


Reading Time: 14 Hours

Added On: 11, Apr 2023

Author: Fatima Rabiu Ummu Affan ,

Ebook Compiler : Admin


Author Phone : 08104335144

Book License : Paid

Category: Love Novels

File Size: 595.22 kb

File Type: doc

Views: 8074+

Download: 1857+

Last download: 2 days ago

Description/Story: аЯрЁБс;ўџ 
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GTimes New Roman5Symbol3&ArialiLiberation SerifTimes New RomanOSource Han Serif CNQNoto Sans DevanagariS&Liberation SansArialMSource Han Sans CNQ$Noto Sans Devanagari_5Liberation MonoCourier NewBХhŒы<О”ƒ”Œы<О””' 0 0€ьЅM №П0№ЦCaolan80 / x_џџdџџeџџˆ "ь/  Eb  й[30/04, 5:37 PM] UMMU AFAN <и9п: <и—п<и—п<и—п<и—п<и—п<и—п<и—п<и—п<и—п<и—п<и—п<и—п<и—п<и—п<и—п<и—п
Bissimillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Ya Allah kamar yadda nafara wannan novel lafiya kasa nagama lafiya

Wannan novel hakkin ummu afan ne mallakarta ne kuma banyarda wata ta juyashi zuwa nata book dinba

Dedicated this page to





<и—п PAGE 1 to 5<и—п

Alhaji abubakar dankoli shahararan Dan kasuwa ne Wanda yashahara gida da wajen kasan nan

Allahji abubakar d'an asalin garin Kaduna ne dake zaune a anguwar tudun wada

Ficeccene a duniya duk inda kuke tunani sunan shi yaje

Alhaji abubakar shikadai ne agurin mahaifiyarshi kuma amma agurin mahaifinsa su goma sha hudune

Mahaifiyarshi amina itace amarya agurin mahaifinsa kuma ita kadai Allah yaba d'a namiji wannan dalili yasa kishiyoyinta suke mugun matsa mata

Bama iya kishiyoyi ba harda 'yan uwan alhaji abubakar duk ba mai sonta kasancewar Allah yawa Dan uwansu arziki
Kofaduwa yayi yamutu suna da kaso mai tsoka acikin dukiyar tunda bashida da namiji

Sai kuma gashi kwatsam ya auro matarshi ta hudu kuma karamar yarinya tahaihu da namiji

Shikuma alhaji shuaib dankoli yayi murnar samun magaji da yayi

Ranar suna yaci sunan Abubakar

Tunda aka haifi abubakar mahaifiyarsa batada ishashan lafiya

Uwargidanta hajiya suwaiba da maibinta suka je gurin wani hatsabibin boka shine yabasu magani sukasa mata a abinci ranar sunan abubakar

Haka tayi ta fama da ciwo
Abubakar na da shekara daya aduniya Allah yayi wa mahaifiyarsa amina rasuwa

Rikonshi yakoma hanun uwargida hajiya suwaiba

Hajiya suwaiba yaranta biyar mata

Babbar yarta rukaiya sai kannata hudu
Rukayya tadau komai na bakin halin mahaifiyarta

Dan haka kawai itama tadauki tsanar duniyar nan ta daura akan abubakar

Gashi duk yadda zasuyi abubakar yabar duniya sunyi amma Allah yace basu isaba

Cikin tsanani da kunci abubakar ya rayu agidan mahaifinsa

'Yan uwan Alhaji shuaib ma sunfi nuna mishi tsana karara

Bayan shekaru 30 abubakar anzama saurayi kuma mai jini ajika
Mai Neman nakamshi duk da yawan dukiyar mahaifinsa hakan baisa ya nade hannu ba

Yayi karatu sosai inda yakai matsayin babban a karatunsa

Bayanwata biyar da kammala karatun professor abubakar ne

Mahaifinsa ya mishi maganar aure yace ba yanzu ba sai yasamu matar da ta dace dashi

Hajiya suwaiba uwargidan allahji shuaib tasameshi da zancen Yakama ta ya matsawa abubakar akan yayi aure Dan duk abokanshi yanzu suna da matayensu

Alhaji shuaib yace mata tunda yace abashi lokaci abashi mana suwaiba

Ran hajiya suwaiba yabaci tace wallahi alhaji kana bata yaron nan dayawa yanzu auren ne sai yagada ma zaiyi

Tashi yayi yabata guri Dan baicika San surutuba

Hajiya suwaiba taje tasamu kishiyarta maibinta tafada mata yadda sukayi da allahji akan abubakar

Hajiya larai tace aikema dai wasa kika tsaya
Mai zai hana muje musami baffa kisan shima mafa ba kaunar yaron nan abubakar yake

Sai muji shawarar dazai yanke

Hajiya suwaiba ta amince da shawarar hajiya larai

Sukayi gidan baffa sunci sa akuwa suka sameshi agida

Nan yazauna bayan sungaisa sukace fada mishi abinda ketafedasu

Yace aikin banza shi shaaibun ne yake daure masa gindin Dan na lura da hakan

amma badamuwa zanyi maganinsu
Zan hada shida hafsat kunga kenan kawar dashi aduniya bazai mana wuya ba

Cikin jindadi sukace hakan ma yayi baffa Dan wallahi muddin yaron nan yana gidan nan fa bawani morar dukiyar Dan uwanku zakuyi

Dan komai nashi abubakar yakesawa akai yanzu kamai na kadarorin alhaji abubakar ne jagoransu

Baffa yace nima abin yana damuna

Komai yazo karshe ita wannan yarin hafsa zata gama mana dashi

Nan dai su hajiya suwaiba murna yakamasu

Sukayi sallama sukatafi gida

Bayan kwana biyu baffa yasamu kaninshi alhaji shuaib da maganar hada yaransu auren zumunci

Alhaji shuaib yace abashi lokaci yayi magana da abubakar tukun

Baffa yace lalle ma shuaibu Ashe maganar da mutane suke fada akanka dagaske ne nawan wai yaronka yafi karfinka

Alhaji shuaib yace yaya kenan
Wannan kuma wani maganane na mutane Wanda idan mutum yanajin irin wannan jita jitar bazaiyi abinkashi ba

Baffa yace kwarai kuwa shuaibu dole kanunamin ban isa da kai ba balle danka

Duk abunda kefaruwa akunnen abubakar
Yashiga cikin falon yadurkusa harkasa yace wa babanshi abbu na amince

a aura min wace baffan yakeso abbu dalilina bazanso kasaba wa 'yan uwan kaba Allah yasa haka shine mafi alkari

Alhaji shuaib yace Allah yamaka all albarka abubakar Allah yarabaka da sharrin duniya da na lahira Allah kuma yakareka daga sharrin mutum da aljan

Abubakar yace ameen abbu
Baffa yace kagani ba Dan naka ma yafika hangen nesa idan bamu hadasu zumunci tun yanzu sai bayan ranmu zasuyi

Alhaji shuaib yace tunda ya amince ai shikenan
acikin yaran nawa
Wacece za ahadsun

Baffa ya wage baki yace hafsatu mana
Alhaji shuaib yace Allah yasanya alkari

Sukace amin

Baffa yace saika shirya kaje kufahimci juna ko abubakar

Abubakar yace insha Allah baffa zanyi kokari naga nasamu lokaci naje

Baffa yace yauwa hakan ma yayi kyau
Yace nizanwuce
Abbu yace tun yanzu yaya

Baffa yace tunda nayi abinda yakawoni zama ai banawa bane
Abbu yace hakane kagaida gida yace gida zaiji

Bayan tafiyar baffa abbu yakalli abubakar yace nidai hankali na baikwanta da wannan auren ba abubakar

Abubakar yayi murmushi yace karka damu abbu kasa albarka kawai aciki

Hajiya suwaiba da kishiyarta hajiya larai sunji dadin wannan Abu koba komai idan abubakar yamutu suna da kaso maitsoka cikin dukiyar alhaji shuaib

Hafsa yarinyace ga baffa kuma itace babbar yarshi

Hafsat kyakkyawace ajin farko Dan danginsu sungaji kyau ne Dan shima Abubakar ba bayaba gurin kyau

Hafsat tana da zafi Dan ita bata son raini ko kannata ba kasafai tafiye sake musu fuska ba Dan karsu rainata

Ko a school ba mai taka ta barshi sai dai kuma tana da wani hali Wanda ko agidansu ba asanta nadashi wato tausayi da son 'yan uwanta

Kwatata bata nunawa dan tasan halin iyayen nata

Lokacin da zancen hadasu aure da Abubakar yazo kunnen ta hafsat tayi murna sosai

amma sai ta bar abinda acinkinta
Ba Wanda ya fahimceta

Bayan auren abubakar da hafsat tun abubakar baya kulata irin kyautatawar da take mishi yasa yafara sakin jikinsa da ita

Soyayya sosai suke inda kasan auren soyayya sukayi

Bayan shekara daya da aurensu

Ranar asabar hafsat tana zaune kusa da abubakar tasa mishi ido kawai tana kallonshi yace yadai madam

Tace wallahi dama sonake kabarni naje gida na wuni yau kaga nafi wata banjeba

Abubakar yace shikenan bukatar tace shikenan

Da kanshi yashirya hafsa ma ta shirya suka shiga mota yajasu sai gidansu su hafsat

Suna zuwa yasauketa yabata kudi masu yawa yace tashiga shi sai yazo daukarta zaishiga

Tace Allah yadawo da kai lafiya
Yace ameen matar kirki tayi murmushi tashiga gidansu

Kannanta na murna ga adda hafsat ga adda hafsat tayi murna ita ma da ganinsu

Taci sa akuwa YAU suna da babbar bakuwa wato rukayya babbar yarinyar hajiya suwaiba

Wato yayar abubakar kenan

Nan akagaisa Rukayya tace anya hafsat kina amfani da maganin da akebaki kizubawa abubakar a abinci

Maman hafsat dinta ce nima dai abin yadameni wallahi ace duk wata sai munkashe makudan kudi akan sa munkarbo maganin

amma sai muji sajinkanya kuwa kina yin yadda akesaki kuwa

Hafsat ta zumburo baki tace inayi mana kawai dai shifa yana da addua sosai ajinkinshi Dan infada muku gaskiya ma baicika bacci ba saboda makiyansa

Rukayya tace a lalle wato mune ma makiyansa ko

Ashe bakida kunya hafsat

Hafsat tace kai nifa barin fito muku a mutum ina son mijina

Kuma koda banasonshi bazan taba kashe mutum ba balle ma Dan uwana kuma mijina

Salati sukasa tare da tafa hanu suna salati cikin tsananin kaduwa da maganar hafsat dasukayi

Hafsat batayi aune aune ba taji saukar bugu kota inta

Bakowa bane yake dukanta illa mahaifinta baffa yace ai wanna yarinya da haihuwarki gwamma barinki

Ashe bakya son cigaban mu kinje soyayya ya rufe miki ido ko

Maman ta tace to wallahi ko kiyi abinda mukace ko na tsine miki

Cikin tsananin tashin hankali hafsat tace mama babu biyayya ga aikata sabo

Barin taba aikata abinda kukeso ba sai dai kuhada dani da shi kukashe gaba daya

Nan ma baffa da maman ta suka rufu mata da duka dakyar rukayya takarbeta

aikuwa tana samun anbarta tadauki Jakarta da gudu tabar gidan takal manta a hanu

Tayi bakin titi ta tari keke nafef

Sai gidanta...

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