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Author: Aunty Mamie ,

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Description/Story: ο»ΏCompiled By Umar Dalha Funtua.

*Ustaziya ko yar'duniya?*πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€

*Dukkan yabo da godiya ya tabbata GA Allah S.W.A daya Kara dawo dani a lokacin da banyi tsammanin Kara dawowa ba kasancewar banida isashen lokacin kaina tun rubuta littafi na na karshe N@g@ TA K@IN@ Wanda akalla yanzu kusan shekara daya koma fiyeda haka, Gani na Kara dawo muku da Takaitaccen labarin da baida yawa Wanda cikin 70% yafaru da gske ina fatan zai amsu a makaranta kamar yanda kuke amsar littafina shima a karbe shi hannu biyu biyu*

*Written by Anty Mamie*

*Dedicated to sister Husnah Amaryar gobe😍*


Damko gashin kanta yayi yayinda ya Kara gwara shida bangon bayin a karo na biyu cikin wahalalliyar murya take ihu hawaye masu zafi nabin fuskarta, kazamar banza yar'iska ragowan Gayu Dan ubanki maina gaya miki kafun inbar gidan nan? Juyo da fuskarta yayi yayinda ya daga habarta matse bakinta yayi cikin masifa ya hankado ta wajen bayin saida ta buga kanta da kujerar dressing mirror take kan nata ya shiga zubda jini, kasa jurewa tayi jin azaban take har cikin kwakwalwarta hakan yasa ta Saki ihu tareda tsugunnawa tana murza hannayanta biyu Alamar hakuri, 'Dan girman Allah AK kayi hakuri na tuba nabi Allah nakuma bika mijina ka yafe mun, takowa yayi har inda take yayinda take matsawa baya saboda gudun azabar dazai Kara manna mata, damko gashin kanta yakara yi tareda janta a kasa har bakin gadon dake dakin ya zauna yana ware kafafuwan shi duka biyu, fuskarta datayi jaga jaga da jini da majina yakara dagowa hadeda kai fuskar shi saitin bakinta cikin magana kamar rada "fadi Laifin ki da bakinki ina jinki, hannu yasa yana dangwalo jinin dake bakinta, " yinwa nakeji, 'tafadi dukda sanin yasan da hakan saboda kulle kitchen dinda yakeyi idan ya shirya mata babban azaba.
shiyasa gakuma zazzabin Dana kwana dashi tun shekarun jiya rabona da Abinci....'shiiiiii ya katse ta yana lumshe ido tareda jefa mata banzan kallo cikin kyama, shiyasa kika samu damar kwanciya harda bcci bayan baki gama wanke mun motocina Dana Saki ba?? Shegiya mayya duk uban abincin Danake kawowa gidan nan bakida aikin yi saici kamar jaka, ooh jakar cema na tuna, yafadi yana jijjiga kanshi, jakar titi, jakar maza, u fat for front u fat for back Bakida wani amfani rashin Asali baiyi ba wlh saidai kici kiyi katon kashi kita cika mun Masai da wari koh? Dama abunda yasa kika Aure ni kenan, nikuma baiwa na Auro banga mata anan ba, ya nuna ta da yatsa harda dungure kanta Toh dole ki rage shegiyar kibar nan bazan Gina ma wani kato jikin kiba Danni kozaki kwana kina yawo tsirara baki burgeni so dole kifara rage tsoka Hahahaa yayi dariyar da bata wuce kalma Uku ba, "kinyi karya wlh tunda kika hanani farincikin rayuwata a haka zamuyita Rayuwa a gidan nan babu Wanda zai samu abunda yakeso nida ke sai karyan ustazanci Allah a baki fir'auna a zuciya, yafadi tareda tureta kasa, mayya mai nacin maza mai fuskoki dayawa ugly pig kawai, barin dakin yayi tanajin fitar motarsa daga gidan hakan yasa ta zube a kasan tels din dakin hawaye masu dumi nabin kumatun ta, 'Ashe laifi ne a duniyar mu yin biyyar Aure? Laifi ne tsarkake zuciya tareda Soyyah mai tsafta? Yazama laifi tona asirin zuciyarta?
Cike da nadamar rayuwar Tata ta Mike tana Jan kafarta dayayi mata tsami bayi ta shiga ta sakarma kanta ruwan zafi hadede gasa jikin nata kodata fito man zafi ta nema ta malka ma jikinta bata daddara ba takara bin lafiyar gado a karona biyu dukda tasan kotayi aikin daya sata ko batayi ba saiya samu dalilinda zai Kara jibgarta anjima garata kwanta saiya jibgeta da tushe.

Azabar yinwa neya tashe ta misalin biyar da Rabi na yamma gashi ko sallar la'asar batayi ba dakyar ta rarrafa tayi salla cikin zullumi tareda Addu'ar Allah yasa ya bude mata kitchen din jinta takeyi kamar zata mutu saboda azabar yinwa jiri na dibanta ta dakyar take iya bude idonta daya kumbura fuskar nan tayi suntum tareda dafa bango ta karasa kitchen tunkafun ta karasa ta ganshi a bude wani dadine ya ziyarce ta lokaci daya ta tattaro ragowar karfin jikinta kai tsaye fridge ta nufa tasan bazata rasa abunda zata faraci ba

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Mr's Sadik RumahπŸ’…πŸ»
*Ustaziya ko yar'duniya?πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€*

*Written by Anty Mamie*

*Dedicated to sister Husnah, my sister yar'amana Amaryar gobe😍ina yinki kanwata irin totally dinnan😎*


Tana budewa tayi ido biyu da ragowar biredi bata damuda sanyin shiba ta barka ledan lodawa takeyi hannu baka hannu kwarya hartana shakewa wurin fanfo ta nufa dukda akwai ruwa burjik a cikin fridge din budewa tayi tareda kafa kanta kamar mahaukaciya ta dinga kwankwadar ruwan Rabi nabin jikinta tana kara tura buredin dukta jika jikinta, saida tafara dawowa natsuwar ta sannan ta dauko Karamar tukunya ta dora ruwan shayi saboda tana bukatar Abu mai dumi a cikin nata, kamar ance ta kalli gefen dirowan kitchen din tayi ido biyu da manya manyan ledoji har guda Uku da farar takarda a kansu, sauri sauri ta karasa wurin
*sakwara da miyar Egusi, ferfesun kaji Dana kan Sa, dankali a soya da kwai, fresh coconut juice da Fruth salad kunun gyada na shinkafa is needed at 8pm.* wani murdawa cikinta yayi kafun kace kwabo ta yarda takardan bayi ta nufa tadunga kwarara amai saida ta amayo duk abunda ta loda tasan dadewa datayi ba abinci shiya jawo mata aman gashi kuma batayi cin hankali ba, cikin hanzari tagama ta gyara wurin kitchen ta nufa tana salati da kwallar tausayin kanta Dora hannuwanta duka tayi akai tareda tarin danasanin komawa bccin datayi, dabata komaba da yanzu taci karfin aikin tunda karfe biyu yabar gidan, da gudu tafito da kansa Wanda yayi kankara dauraye shi tayi dayake ta wanke tsaf sanda aka kawo prejar pot ta dauko nanda nan ta markada kayan miyan dazatai amfani dashi harda na kajin hada komai tayi tana neman agaji wurin Allah tasan yau kashe tane kawai AK bazaiyi ba, sauke ruwan shayin data Dora tayi batashi take ba yanzu yayinda ta Dora kansa din akan gas jawo ledojin daya kawo tayi ta fito da kaji guda biyu GA dukkan Alama Abokan shi zasuzo cin abincin gidan tasan idan Dan tashi ne bayacin girkin ta sai wani ikon Allah, gyara kajin tayi ta hada komai da komai ta Dora, kallan lokaci tayi taga shida harta gota nan takara rikicewa tunowa datayi har sakwara zatayi ga firan dankaliπŸ™†πŸ»β€β™€πŸ˜­ Ga kunun gyada dukda sunada soyyar markadadden gyada a fridge tana tanada saboda irin hakan, but aikin yamata yawa koda yake dama jakar shi ce kamar yanda yake cewa, haka taita aikin sauri sauri har tana konewa damai a hannu wurin soya dankali saboda rawan jiki bata damuda azabar dazata Shaba akan tijarar dazai mata a gaban Abokan aikin nashi, dukda ba bakon Abu bane suma a wurinsu duk Wanda mijinta ke kawowa gidan yana sane da cewa batada bambanci da banza, daza'a iya shiga kwakwalwar kanshi a shiga tunanin shi sauron🐝 dake yawo a gidan yafita muhimmanci Kota banza zai hanashi bcci da kuka, kallon lokaci tayi taga takwas saura kwata ko magrib batayi ba salati ta saka Dan sai a lokacin zata daka sakwara dukda tagama komai miyar neya rage ta karasa da coconut juice din, tana cikin dakawa taji dawowar shi gidan tareda hayaniyar mutane Alamar bashi kadai bane kamar yanda tayi zargi.
Cikin mintunan da basu wuce biyar ba taji taku Alamar za'a shigo kitchen din yayinda take kulla sakwaran a Leda dukta hada zufan gajiya, 'kallon kitchen din yakeyi a wulakance yayinda zuciyar shi ke Kara suya ji yakeyi kamar ya fusge tabaryar dake gefenta ya sata a turmin yaita kirbata Kila zai huce takaicin data sakashi
Naa...naaaa kusan gamaawa bari infara jera abincin a Dinning, tafadi cikin rawan jiki baiko ji karshen maganar Tata ba banda ta raina shi tun yaushe yabar gidannan? Lallai rainin nata gaba gaba yakeyi shikenan bai isa da gidan shiba? Mai Aisha take nufi Dashi? Laifin shine data fara ganin gadon bccin shi shekara Uku da Auren su amma har'yau bata bin umarnin shi? Komawa yayi tafkeken parlon nasu inda yabar bakin nasa su shida, Abincin data gama tafara jerawa akan dining table dinsu yayinda takoma kitchen domin jiran miyar Egusin yakarasa.

*More comments more typing😏*

*Mr's Sadik Rumah*πŸ’…πŸ»
*Ustaziya ko yar'duniya?πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€*

*Written by Anty Mamie*

Masha Allah tun a page din farko naji dadin comments dinku shiyasa nayi page biyu yau nima domin faranta muku, ina yinku yan Group Dina *Anty Mamie's Novel Groups* irin sosai dinnan🀩

*Dedicated to sister Husnah.*


Mama na shirya zan tafi haddan, tafadi tareda daukar jakar makarantar ta, "toh Auta har'zaa tafi ooh Allah dai yaimiki Albarka diyar nan wannan San karatun nan naki har mamaki yake bani halima saikace Al'huda huda maza maza a tafi kada a makara aita kwararo hadda, tafadi tana miko mata Naira dari a dunkule, Amsa tayi hade da godiya tana gafda fita gidan taci karo da babanta ya shigo, " baban mu saina dawo, toh uwata Allah yabada Sa'a saikin dawo idan kin dawo saiki kulle kofar gidan da kwado kinji koh? Nasan kafun nan munyi bcci Yafadi tareda miko mata takardar Naira dari shima, toh 'Baba ta Amsa cikeda murna harda sunkuyar da kanta kasa.
Misalin karfe bakwai na Dare ta fito daga gidan Budurwa ce yar'shekara sha'bakwai cikin katotan hijab dinta dayake sharan titi tasha Safar kafa da hannu baka iya ganin komai nata sai farin kwayar idonta, tafiya take kamar mai tsoran taka kasa kallo daya zakai mata kaga tarin natsuwa da kamun kai, yarinya abun kwatance a cikin dukkan unguwan nasu duk Wata uwa da zatai ma diyarta fada tohfa da halin halima ake kwatance kowa ya shaida halima wurin natsuwa halima ce burin kowace uwa a unguwan dattawa da iyayen unguwan kowa nama dan'shi Sha'awar Auran halima saboda yanda gidan nasu yake gidan malamai babanta ne limamin masallacin unguwan yayinda Mamarta takeda tarin ilimin Addini shiyasa yan gidan nasu suke cikeda natsuwa.

Tafiyar minti goma ne daga gidan nasu zuwa wurin haddar kodata karasa sainaga harta wuce makarantar tasu ta tsallake babban titin dake gaban makarantar duk a tunanina ko biro zata siyaπŸ˜•sainaga ta bude bayan Wata shegiyar farar rangerover 2016 ta kame a ciki saikace ta tsohon ta, batare da bata lokaci ba aka cilla motar akan titi cikin kwarewa koda na leka motukin motar macece mai tukin, Yammata biyu ne a gaban motar cikin Wata shegiyar shiga kamar wadanda suka zo daga America a cikin Daren saika rantse da Allah musulunci baije musu ba idan kayi la'akari da kayan dake jikin nasu, 'leemah kin bata mana time fa, inji Wanda ke tukin motar, 'sorry meena abun ne saida siyasa kinsan iyayen namu sai a hankali Ummi nake Dan lallabawa saboda hawan jinin ta danta dagus banda matsala yaci lokacin shi, tafadi tana zame hijab dinta tareda Jan tsaki, bari in cire wannan buhun dukya dumama mun jikina mtseww, vest ce Mara hannu iya Mara tareda guntun wando a jikinta, "yah club din zamu wuce direct koh? Wacce take gefen Direver ta tambaya, noo nooooo feenah r u kidding me? Take a luk at me please saina watsa ruwa sai zufa nakeyi and I need to change my clothe.

Unguwa ne na masu hannu da shuni motar ta dumfara horn naga tayi a wani katotan gida madaidaici, bude gate din gidan wani buzun mai'gadi yayi, wuri ta naima tareda ajiye motar suka furfuto cikin takun kasaita leema kuwa tuni ta nunke hijab dinta ta Danna cikin jakar islamiyar da babu komai ciki sai kayan maye da kayan kwalliya, a mota tabar jakar sanin tanada duk abunda take bukata cikin gidan, wow cikin gidan yafi wajen gidan haduwa nesa ba kusa ba saidai wani abun mamaki gidan babu kowa sai Yammata Uku da suka shigo yanzu, cikin gaggawa ta fada hadaddan bayi tareda sakar ma kanta ruwa tanayi tana waka fitowa tayi zigidir haihuwar uwarta dukda towel dinda ke bayi I'lla Dan karami data rike a hannun nata tana goge jikinta tana wakan "cilindion mai taken Am Alive" kawarta meena ceta buga mata duwawu nan suka hau wasan banza babu kunya a haka harta gama shiryawa nan take ta rikice daga diyar musulmai takoma leemah sak, Yar'malam taki halin Malam, kawayan nata suka furta cikin shewa suna jinjina mata ganin yanda take karairaya a gaban madubi, "da karatu gwanda rawan disko tabasu amsa tareda Juyowa tana girgiza kirjinta Wanda babu abunda ba'a gani ko bra batasa ba.

More comments more typing.

*Mr's sadik Rumah*πŸ’…πŸ»
*Ustaziya ko yar'duniya?πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€*

*written by Anty Mamie*

*Dedicated to sister Husnah*


Koda suka isa club din suna shigowa aka fara bude musu hanya anga dakin hutu sun shigo Wanda hakan ne taken nasu, wani baki dogon saurayin dake zaune kallo daya zakai mai kasan babban yaro ne kusan minti talatin da shigowar shi wurin barasa yake sha batareda kula kowa a wurin ba da alamar jiran zuwansu yakeyi ganin ya Mike lokaci daya ya dumfare inda suke batareda bata lokaci ba cikin kwarewa ya ruko kugun leemah tsaf ta lafe a kirjin nashi tana shafawa da hannun hagu basu ko damuda yawan mutanan dake wurin ba, saitin kunnanta yakai bakinsa tareda furta mata *Ustaziya koh Yar'duniya*?
Lumshe ido tayi cike da duniyanci ta chapko lips dinshi na kasa ta shiga tsotsa harda Dan cizon shi Sannan takai bakinta saitin kunnan shi yanda zaiji abunda zatace *Duniya gidan kashe ahu tun kuruci bai wucemu ba* tureshi tayi tana juya kugu ta nufa wurin da aka killace saboda shan hayaki tahau busawa cikin kwarewa da wayewa ta hanci ta baki kamar yanda sauran frnds din nata keyi su a ganinsu kananan chicks neke rawa a club sudai kawai suji sun hau saman gajimare sujisu a duniyar sama yauwa shine magana Alhaji.

Hayaniya ke tashi a parlon Abokanan keta zuba fira AK kuwa sai kumbura yakeyi ganin har 8:30 babu miya ba Alamar Sa dukda komai da komai na wurin kowa nacin abunda yake Sha'awa sunata zuba santi,bakinta rike da sallama shigowa tayi da kular miyar ...


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