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AUREN TAGWAYE Complete Hausa Novel Document by AUREN TAGWAYE


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Added On: 06, May 2024

Author: Zee Elkaseem ,

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Description/Story: ο»Ώ[1/2, 7:21 AM] Zee Elkaseem: πŸ‘­ *AUREN TAGWAYE* πŸ‘­
*Written & Story by*
*Zee Elkaseem*
*{Mmn khady}*

*Dedicated to All member's group of* *Ciwon ya mace* πŸ‘©πŸ»

*Amincin Allah ya tabbata ga wad'anda zasu karanta wannan labari nawa dama Wad'anda basu samu damar karantawaba ina maku fatan Alkhairi akodayaushe*

*Wannan labari 'kir'kirarane banyi dan wani ko wataba, ko satar fasahar wani saboda haka duk Wanda/wacce taga yazo dai-dai danata abune yazo d'aya sai ha'kuri*

```Ban yarda wani ko wata yayi amfani da wannan labari nawaba ta wata siga saida izinina idan kuma akayi bada iziniba, ban yafeba saboda haka akiyaye```

"Hassana waike bazakiyi sauri mutafiba ke kullum idan mutum yahad'a abu dake sai ranshi ya 6aci, yanzu dan Allah so kike daddy yadawo yahanamu fita, kuma sanin kankine muddin idan banje *Dinner* d'innan ba zuby bazataji dad'iba kinsanfa bikinnan na best friend d'inta ne, kuma ta gayyacemu ba dad'i mu'ki attending.

Cikin sanyin murya wacce aka kira Hassana take magana "Haba Hussaina nifa wlh banison wannan abun dakikeyi, ke shikenan koda yaushe da an gayyaceki ferty kin dinga 'kyarma kenan kamar wacce aka gayyata zuwa aikin hajji.

Magan-ganun Hassana suka 'kara harzu'ka Hussaina cikin bala'i da d'aga murya take cewa "dallah malama kada ki gayamin magana, ke dama duk wata harka ta wayewa baki santaba, idan bazakiba basai kin gayamin maganaba kawai ki zauna a gida, haka zaki 'kare, kullum kitchen.

Zama Hassana tayi bakin gado tare da cire mayafin data sanya, "nikam bazaniba kitafi kawai sai kindawo, ni dama wlh hankalina be kwanta da tafiya wannan *dinner* d'inba kiduba agogo yanzufa 'karfe bakwai da rabi na dare.

Jin Hassana tace bazataba yasa Hussaina zuwa kusa da ita ta du'ko dai-dai fuskarta har numfashinsu na gauraya dana juna, sannan tafara magana cikin sanyin murya.

"Haba my sweet sister, plz ayimin ha'kuri kinsan bazan iya tafiya batare dakeba......

Ringing d'in wayarta ya katseta da maganar datake, da sauri tasa hannu ta d'auko sunan Zuby tagani yana yawo kan screen d'in wayar da sauri ta danna OK tare da karawa a kunne.

"Hellow Zuby ya?
A d'aya 6angaren zuby ta amsa
"Haba 'kawata me kike har yanzu baki fitoba, halan wannan sister taki ce take maki kofsi.
Hussaina kallon Hassana tayi sannan tace "a'a yanzu zamu taho, tare da itama zamuzo.
"Dan Allah kuyi Sauri.
"Owk kawai Hussaina tafad'a tare da tsinke kiran.

A Falo suka tarad da momynsu tana kallon tashar sunnah TV, cikin ladabi sukaje gabanta Hassana tace "Momy zamu tafi.
Momy ta kalle yaran nata daga sama har 'kasa babu wata shiga ta aibu tattare dasu, atamface suka sanya d'inkin Riga da zani pieces, sai wadataccen gyalen da suka yafa.

"To amma kada Ku wuce 'karfe tara kunsan dai tara da rabi dadynku yake dawowa gida, Momy tafad'a tana 'karemasu kallo,
Hussaina ce tayi saurin cewa "kada kidamu Momy Tara a gida zatayi mamu.
Hassana tace "insha Allah Momy munyi maki wannan al'kawarin.
"To shikenan kuje Allah maku Albarka
Tare suka amsa da Ameen sannan suka fice daga gidan.

Love u all my Fan's πŸ’ƒπŸ»shoki 🏊🏻
[1/2, 7:21 AM] Zee Elkaseem: πŸ‘­ *AUREN TAGWAYE* πŸ‘­
*Written & Story by*
*Zee Elkaseem*
*{Mmn khady}*

*Dedicated to All member's group of* *Ciwon ya mace* πŸ‘©πŸ»


Suna fita get sukayi 'yar tafiya kad'an sukasamu napep suka fad'a masa inda ze kaisu.

Lokacin dasuka 'karaso had'addiyar Hotel d'in da'ake gudanar da *dinner* d'in kai tsaye suka nufi hall d'inda suka tabbatar da nanne ake farty saboda mutanen dasuka hango ciki.

Suna shiga lokacin Zuby na zaune suna labari itada wani boy friend d'inta wanda tadad'e da afkawa kogin 'kaunarsa tasha nuna masa haka amma ya'ki yagane dan kwata- kwata Zuby bata cikin tsarin kalar yan matan dayakeso kawai dai yabarta a matsayin Friend.

Cike da farinciki Zuby ta tarbo 'kawarta Hussaina, ko kallan Hassana batayiba, Hassana ma nunawa tayi batasan da zaman wata halitta wai ita zuby ba, dan ita dama tun can jininta be had'u dana zuby ba.

Guri suka samu suka zazzauna kan kujerun dake Jere a hall d'in.
Zuby ta kalli boy friend d'inta sannan takira sunansa "Hafiz, ga 'kawayena danake gayama 'yan biyu ne, wannan itace Hussaina wannan kuma itace Hassana tafad'a tana nuna Hassana yayinda itakuma ta kauda kanta gefe dan ko kad'an ita batason a had'ata da wani namiji barantana kuma har suyi wata magana, shiyasa kodayaushe Hussaina da Zubby suke kiranta bata wayeba.

Haka suka zauna zuby sai wani shishshigema Hafiz takeyi tanata mashi surutu, shikuma kwata- kwata hankalinsa be kanta, tunda su Hassana suka shigo idanunsa suke kan Hussaina, yariga yagama fad'awa kogin 'kaunarta, wanda zuby bata lura da hakanba, amma ita Hussainar ta dad'e da d'agowa dashi kodan yanda dasun had'a ido yake sakar mata wani tsadadden murmushi, dama gashi kyakkyawa ajin farko, take itama Hussaina taji takamu da sonshi.

Wani irin kid'ane ya tashi lokacin da Mr DJ ya kunna Speaker's d'insa, wayyo jikin zuby har 6ari yake, dama haka take mayyar rawace duk sun dad'e da sanin haka saboda haka basuyi mamakin hangonta tsakiyar fage ita kad'ai tana caskad'ewaba, ba kunya take rawar sai wani kaso shoki takeyi..... _Lol_

Lokacin Hafiz yasamu damar yima Hussina magana, "Ya kike 'yan mata, wayyo wani iri Hussina taji a jikinta lokacin da ta tsinkayi muryar Hafiz a kunnenta, a zuciyarta tace "Wow fantastic, nice voice, Ashe dai yanda yahad'u hakama murayarsa ta had'u gaskiya gayen yagama had'ewa.

Lokacin Hafiz yasake magana karo na biyu batare da Hussaina tabashi amsar ta farkoba, "idan bazaki damuba kisakamin numberki ko bayan kin koma gida sai muyi magana,
Ba musu ta amsa tasakamai numberta, sannan ta mikamar wayar dayake Hafiz gogaggen d'an duniyane gurin amsar wayar saida yahad'o da hannunta, suduka wani irin shock sukaji lokacin da tattausan hannuwansu suka had'u dana juna, kasa sakin hannunta Hafiz yayi sunkai kimanin minti biyu a haka sai itace tayi 'karfin halin zare hannunta daga nashi, kashe mata ido yayi tare da sakar mata wani 'kawataccen murmushi.

Duk abinda sukeyi Hassna batasaniba duk da guri d'aya suke zaune, hankalinta nakan wayartane tana chat a wani group na Zee Mmn khady me suna *Ciwon Ya mace* tanajin dad'in group d'in sosai yanda ake bada shawara me kyau da kuma yanayin abubuwan amfani da ake turowa, ba kamar kuma Had'in kai da 'yan group d'in suke dashi, duk da yanda takejin dad'in chat da *Mmn Ummi da Ameeno, Mmn Ramadan da rukky abdull* hakan behanta duba lokaciba dan kada suyi dare basu koma gidaba, dan yanzuma data duba 'karfe takwas da rabi, tasama ranta takwas da minti arba'in zasu koma gida.

Muryar Hussaina ta tsinkaya "Hassna dan Allah aromin wayarki zanyi kira, bansan credit d'ina yakareba, ba musu Hassana ta mi'kamata "amma gaskiya dakin gama wayar zamu tafi saboda tara takusa kuma kinsan Al'kawarin da muka d'aukoma momy,
"To kawai Hussaina tace, tawuce tanufi gunrinda akayi parking d'in motoci kamar tana wayar gaske.
Dai-dai motar da Hafiz yafad'amata nan ta tsaya, jingina tayi da motar idanunta akan wayarta.

Tashi Hafiz yayi yabi bayanta, Hassana na kallo amma bata kawo kome a rantaba, iatadai fatanta kawai idan Hussaina tagama wayar datadawo sutafi gida.

Love u all my Fan's πŸ’ƒπŸ» shoki 🏊🏻
[1/2, 7:21 AM] Zee Elkaseem: πŸ‘­ *AUREN TAGWAYE* πŸ‘­
*Written & Story by*
*Zee Elkaseem*
*{Mmn khady}*

*Dedicated to All member's group of* *Ciwon ya mace* πŸ‘©πŸ»


Bud'e motar Hafiz yayi gidan baya suka shiga, kasancewar motar tanada ba'kin glass bazeba wanda ke waje damar ganin nacikiba dukda dama gurin akwai duhun dare,

Ac Hafiz ya kunna musu, take motar tad'au sanyi tare da wani daddad'an 'kamshi
Zaune suke gaf da juna har jikinsu na had'uwa dana junansu, Hafiz ne yafara magana cikin kwarewa da gogewa na yan duniya "Babyna ammafa kin had'u kinganki kuwa kamar matan hurul'ayni, wani 'kawataccen murmushi Hussaina tayi tare dasa hannunta tarufe fuskarta, duba Hafiz yakai kan shantala-shantalan yatsun hannunta wanda yake d'auke da awarwaraye da wani had'adden zobe na azurfa, hannu yasa Yakama hannun nata yamatse a hannunsa, sannan yafara wasa da zoben "kai amma ring d'innan yayimin kyau babyna, amma set ne tare da sarkarki koh?
Yafad'a tare dakai hannunsa kan wuyanta yana wasa da sarkarta, lokacin yagama kashema Hussaina jiki yanda yake shafar wuyanta, ko magana bata iyawa sai maida numfashi datake d'aya d'aya, hakan yabashi damar yin 'kasa da hannunsa zuwa cikin rigarta yafara wasa da breast d'inta, wani irin yarrrr taji ajikinta, saboda ba'kon Al'amarin daya risketa yau, domin Hafiz shine mutum na farko daya fara yimata irin wannan wasan, suna soyayya da Jabeer amma koda wasa beta6a kai hannunsa kan jikintaba, "hakan yana nufin jabeer be iya soyayyabane ko miye....

Tana cikin wannan tunanin taji Hafiz ya rungomota yahad'ata da jikishi, yana rad'amata kalmar "I love you a kunnenta, cikin kasalalliyar murya tace "mee too my Dear,
"Wow nice my Baby, Hafiz yafad'a tare da had'e bakinsa da nata yacigaba da kissing d'inta.

Dare yafara Hankalin Hassana ya masifar tashi dan tanemi Hussaina ko'ina a cikin hall d'in da wajen hall d'in amma bata gantaba, duk tabi tarud'e, gashi Zuby tunda tashiga fagen rawa batako wai-waiyesuba barantana ta tambayeta kotasan inda Hussainar take gashi tatafimata da waya barantana takirata.
Komawa tayi kan kujera ta zauna tayi tagumi hannu bibbiyu,

Can Hankalin Zuby yayo kan inda tabarsu Hussaina amma batagansuba sai Hassana wacce tahad'a hannuwa biyu ta tallabe kumatunta kwalla suncika idanunta, da sauri zuby takaraso inda take "Ke ina 'yar'uwarki? Hassana batajitaba dan tayi nisa cikin tunanin irin hukuncin da daddy ze yanke masu idan yadawo ya tarar da basunan, batakaran suba ranar momynsuma bazata fitaba dan dady mutumne me zafi tsaye yake kan tarbiyar iyalanshi.

Ta6ota zuby tayi "tambayarki nake ina Hussaina?
Sai lokacin tadawo daga tunanin datake "nima wlh ita nake nema dan Allah ki kiramin ita da wayarki danni tatafi da tawa wayar.
"To ina Hafiz? Zuby ta'kara jeho mata wannan tamabayar
"Kinga ni dukansu bansan inda sukeba, nidai dan Allah ki taimaka ki kiramin Hussaina mutafi gida.

Take zuciyar Zuby tabata akwai wata kulalliya tsakanin Hafiz da Hussaina, idan kau hakane lallai Hussaina tad'auko ruwan dafa kanta.

Wayarta ta fiddo daga cikin poss tafara lalubar number Hussaina, kusan kira takwas zuby tayima Hussaina no answer, hakan ba 'karamin 'kular da ita yayiba, batako kalli Hassanaba tabar gurin tana cika tana batsewa.

Ganin dare na'karyi yasa Hassana tambayar wata budurwa kusa da ita "dan Allah 'karfe nawa?
Duba wayar tayi "karfe tara da Monti takwas tabata amsa a ta'kaice.

Cike da rud'ewa Hassana tatashi tafita harabar hotel d'in Allah ya taimaketa lokacin wani me napep ya sauke wasu, tagayamshi inda ze kaita, saida suka d'au hanya tafara tunanin inda 'yar'uwar tata tashiga "Toni yanzu mezanfad'ama Momy idan aka tambayeni Hussaina, wasu hawaye suka gangaro kan kumatunta.
"Allah sa dai tana lafiya duk inda take.
Tana cikin wannan tunanin har suka iso 'kofar gidansu batamasan sunzoba saida me napep yace "hajiya mun isofa sannan ta sallameshi tafita daga napep d'in.

Jiki a sanyaye tanufi gidansu, ahankali ta kwankwasa megadi yabud'emata bayan yatambayeta tagayamashi itace.

Ahankali tashiga gidan da sallama Momy tagani zaune tayi tagumi koba tambaya tasan jiran dawowarsu takeyi, ganin Hassana yasa Momy sauke wata ajiyar zuciya, "Alhmdlh ina 'yar'uwar taki take?

Hawaye yacigaba da zuba daga idon Hassana batare databa Momy amsar tambayar datayimataba, cikin tashin hankali Momy ta'karaso inda Hassana take takama kafad'unta "ina take nace? Ko wani abu ya sameta? Kifad'amin......

Ganin hankalin Momy yatashi yasa Hassana goge hawayenta "bawani abu yasametaba kawai na nemeta bangantaba, kuma gashi dare yayi...

"Subhannallah Momy tafad'a Allah sa dai lafiya, kin kira wayarta? "Nima wayata tana hannunta.

Hankali tashe Momy tasa wayarta takira Hussaina itama no answer aka gayamata kamar yanda duk wanda yakira ake gayamai, saida tayi kira kusan na goma sannan Hussaina ta d'auka cikin kasalalliyar murya tafara magana dan lokacin tana jikin Hafiz yagama rabata da rigarta yana 'ko'karin ciremata breziya,

Cikin fad'a Momy tace "dan Ubanki kiyi maza ki dawo gidan tun kafin dadynku yadawo, batajira me Hussaina zatafad'aba Momy takashe wayar

Lokacin sukajiyo horn d'in motar Alamar dawowar me gidan, cikin tsananin tashin hankali Hassana tafara magana "Momy dadyne yadawo nashiga ukku tafad'a tana yarfe hannu.

Da sauri Momy tace "maza ki shige d'akinku kada yazo yaga batanan, Dan batakaran itadayi laifinba mu kanmu sai rayukanmu sun 6aci.

Da sauri Hassana tashige d'aki, zama tayi bakin gado tayi tagumi hannu bibbiyu tana tunanin 'yar'uwarta.

Love u all my Fan's πŸ’ƒπŸ» shoki 🏊🏻
[1/2, 7:21 AM] Zee Elkaseem: πŸ‘­ *AUREN TAGWAYE* πŸ‘­
*Written & Story by*
*Zee Elkaseem*
*{Mmn khady}*

*Dedicated to All member's group of* *Ciwon ya mace* πŸ‘©πŸ»


Jitayi an sha'kota ta baya a firgice ta juyo, ido biyu sukayi da daddy beyi wata-wataba yafara zabga mata cable wayar dake hannunsa nan tafasa 'kara tana ihu, amma daddy be sauraramataba, tsulamata wayar yakeyi iya 'karfinshi, mommy da Hassana suna daga falo sukajiyo ihunta, wani sabon kuka ya kwacema Hassana cewa...

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