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IDON NAIRA Hausa Novel by Mamuh Gee

Idon Naira hausa novel is a captivating and thought-provoking novel that explores the complex relationship between two sisters who come from vastly different backgrounds. Written by Mamuh Gee, the novel is set in the Hausa community and delves into the intricacies of family, religion, and societal norms.



Description of IDON NAIRA Hausa Novel

The novel centers around the lives of two sisters, one of whom is a pure religious scholar while the other is the daughter of a prostitute. The stark difference in their lives creates tension and animosity between the sisters, with the latter resenting the former='s seemingly privileged existence.

The author does an excellent job of painting a vivid picture of the Hausa community and their way of life. The customs and traditions are described in detail, which helps the reader to better understand the motivations and actions of the characters. Mamuh Gee also provides a window into the lives of women in the community, their struggles, and the societal pressures that they face.

The love story between the two protagonists is heartwarming, yet fraught with challenges. Their differences in social status, religious beliefs, and family backgrounds create obstacles that they must navigate if they are to be together. The author masterfully weaves their love story into the larger narrative, making it a central part of the novel.

Idon Naira hausa novel is a compelling and insightful novel that explores themes of family, love, and social class in a thought-provoking way. Mamuh Gee='s writing is engaging and immersive, and the characters are well-developed and relatable. I highly recommend this novel to anyone looking for a captivating read that offers a glimpse into the Hausa community and its culture.


The traffic light stopped a black Range Rover in the small traffic on their way home and the young woman sitting behind the car gave her the chance to look at the picture of her handsome husband on the front page of the newspaper that a newspaper vendor was picking up to buy.

Her heart was cold, she felt her love for him, and her greatness overwhelmed her again, especially her constant thoughts about him being only for her alone.

With a happy smile, she was looking at his face in the newspaper with her hand in her handbag and looking for her phone. to call him with smile on her face.

She paused from picking up the phone in herv bag, she was keeping her eyes on the newspaper when the newspaper approached the windshield of their car, advertising his business again…..

She opened her eyes widely and carefully and read the information written on the newspaper about her husband whose picture is placed there….

All the severity of religious knowledge she has. And as the wife of a great religious scholar, she could not hold the prayer in her mouth because of tension and fear she fell, her hands were shaking, she said.

=" Oh my God


What am I seeing?=" She said in vibrate voice

=" Habibu please read the contents of this newspaper

I Don='t understand what I='m reading…="

The newspaper seller, seeing her focus on his newspaper, came closer and showed her the newspaper again.

Habibu slowly opened his eyes on the newspaper and read what was written in the picture of his master.


Work (work) Or busness (business)????

Mother (uwa) Madame Haj Zainab IDON NERA or Daughter (daughter) AMAL IDON NERA???

After re-reading it, he confirmed that it was their Master, that is Dr Aqeel sheykh.

So why associate the name of Dr. Sheykh with this powerful woman who is a prostitute with complete freedom and privilege???

What is meant by mother or daughter?…..

In a choked voice Bilkees said ="

Habibu translated the words to me please

Read the words carefully.

He was silent and avoided looking at the newspaper and said quietly.

Hajia this is nonsense and seeking to destroy the reputation of my master, that some journalist does, but they are not strangers…..

Confused, she pulled out the money she didn='t know how much it was from Jakarta, opened the car window and handed over the newspaper.

Innalillahi wainna ilayhirrajiuni

Innalillahi wainna ilayhirrajiuni

When Balkees saw this, she went into a violent state and began to repeat the name of Idon Nera in her mouth in confusion saying ="

This Hajiya Zainab Adamu Idon='t see what brought them to thier life...

What does Dr Shaykh have to do with them, he that was clean, pure and unpolluted….

The name that Balkees mentioned made Haj Maryamah stand up and try to leave the place. But while she was standing, her legs couldn='t hold her, and her heart felt heavy and pounding….

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