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KOFAR AJALI Book 1 Complete Hausa Novel Document by KOFAR AJALI Book 1


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Total Words: 30717


Reading Time: 2 Hours

Added On: 13, Nov 2023

Author: Abdul Alhaji Musa 10k ,

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Author Phone : +2349077974042

Book License : Free

Category: Horror novels

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Description/Story: πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€
```[when in no way out]```


Abdul Alhaji musa 10k
*phone no:*


*M. W. A*

```Kungiya d'aya tamkar da dubu. Masu Nazari da Aiki da Ilimi, Burin 'kungiyar a ko da yaushe shine ta fad'akar ta ta kuma Nishad'antar da masoyan ta. πŸ€™πŸ»```

*In the name of Allah, the most gracious and the most merciful, may Allah sustain me with courage and comfort from the starting point to the last chapter*

*FREE BOOK*πŸ’―βœ…
*EPISODE 0⃣1⃣*

Karar kwankwasa kofane ke tashi,sa'annan wata siririyar murya ta soma biyo baya.
"Brother!! Brother!!,Katashi daga barcin nan,wallahi zamu makara school indan baka tashi daga wannan baccin naka ba,kuma kasani bana jure bulalar madam Fati"
Haka wannan Mai kwankwasa kofar keta nanatawa....
Baya murya tayi shiru kuwa sai karan *alarm* πŸ”” ta soma noisy.

" *Ohhh*!! wayyo ni,wai wacce iri makwabtane way'annan duk sunbi sun dami mutum awannan sanyi safiyar...."
......Karashe maganar yayi da tsaki

Cikin fushi ya d'ago daga kwanciyar da'annan ya Yaye barkon dake kan kugunsa hade da yunkurawa ya wuce toilet,nan ya watsa ruwa sa'annan yayi brush....
Bai wani bata lokaci ba ya nufi hanyar fita,yayinda ya daura *tawal* a kugunsa,Cikin sanyin jiki da kwanciyar hankali yake taku har ya kaiga kofar yasa hannu ya bude ta,ganin kansa cikin uwar dakin ne yasakashi fisge wannan tawal dake kugunsa yayi jifa da ita cen gefe,But then yayi kara Aaaa!! hade da rugawa kan tawal din....da zuwansa gurin ya dauko cikin sauri ya maida a kugunsa.

"Azahirance banga komi ba"

"What the heck are you doing here,how did you get in *Muzaffar* ?".
Abinda ya fara fitowa daga bakin wannan santalelen saurayin kenan,mai kakkaurar gira da mulmulellen link ga kuma manyan idanu wacce take fara tas gashin kansa ko baki ne sid'ik

#Muzzaffar dai ya kasance Zaune yake a bakin katifa yayinda yake rike da *Coffee cup* a hannu....

"Oh actually I met your sister downstairs,ita ta sanar dani cewa kana ciki....."
Haka muzzafar ya basa ansa shiko yayi furucin" *Oh God* damn it"

"So mayya hana ka jirani a downstairs din?"

"Came on ai ba laifi danna shigo dakin ka na zauna Sabida ni friend nake,but I'm not sure banga komi ba"
Hakan ya mayar masa da martani yayinda ya karashe maganar nasa da dariya hade da kyakyatawa.

Dajiyo haka kuwa yasa hannu ya dauko filo,ya bugawa muzzaffar aka......

Haka dai muzzaffar yayi ta zuba yayin da wannan kyakyawan saurayi ke kokarin canza kaya,haka zalika kan Danny teble....yayin da yake karin kumallo,Mituna talatin ne ta dauke sa hakan ta sanadiyar saurin da yake,bayan ya kammala komi suka yunkura suka nufi hanyar fita,Bayyana sukayi a farfajiyar gidan inda ya kasance yayi shiga ta kananun kaya,sa'anan hannun sa rataye da wata yar jaka....taku suke ciki salon burgewa inda muzzaffar ke cewa.

"Kamata yayi ace ka godemin,bawai ka cikani da korafi ba, domin kuwa ni nayi su mufyda suka zauna a wajen if not da dukkannin su sai sunga halin da kake ciki"

"You fool"
Haka saurayin nan ya furta yayinda fuskarsa ke cike da annashuwa....
Fashewa sukayi da dariya dukkan ninsu biyu sa'annan suka cigaba da firar su har saida suka kai wajen wata gabjejiyar mota,shigewa ciki sukayi.....
Da shigarsu ko wata dake zaune cikin wannan motan a kujerar baya tace dasu......

"Atif and muzzaffar tuntuni ku muke jira"
Hakan ta furta cikin kasaita,d'ayarko tace.....dasu dukka.

"And also muna da bad news,har yanzu,shugaba bata janye fadarta na cewa zamuyi tafiyan nan tare da tawagar su Mu'azz ba,har yanzu tana kan bakarta"

Fadar haka take yayinda take jansu a motar.....

*wannan motar dai ta kasance dauke take da mutane biyar,wato *Atif,muzzaffar,Simon,Mufyda and Tina*

"Gaskiya hakan bayi bane,tasanfa Mu'azz basu shiri da Atif"
Haka muzzaffar ya furta inda,Tina tace dashi

"Nifa banga abin damuwa ba,yafa kamata ku sani wannan aikin da zamuje duration nashi 3days ne kawai"
Haka Tina ta furta inda mufyda tace da ita....

"Hold it,3days fa ba kawai bane ehhe"....

"Enough guys,cacan baki bazata cenza komi ba tunda mun riga munsan halayensu sai muyi taka tsantsan da su"......
Haka @Atif din ya furta inda @Tina tayi saurin cewa

"Nima hakan na gani"

Hakadai suka kasance har isar su ma'aikatar tasu,da shigarsu wannan gurin ko sai sukayi karo da shugawar tasu.....

"Oh my,wai Da ina kuka tsaya ne,shinko kunsan tun 7:00AM tawagar mu'azz ta hallara anan domin wannan tafiyar but you guys seems bakwa son ayi wannan tafiya".......
Haka sugabar ta furta inda inda Atif yayi saurin bata hakuri hade da yimata karyar cewa cinkusun ababen hawane ya rike su.

"Okay fine,amma ku sani next time bazan karbi complain naku ba"

Haka tayi musu rakiya har ta kaisu motar mufyda ko bata key motan ta tayi ta sanar da ita kanin ta zaizo ya dauka ita ko tace da ita ok kafin tayi musu sallama ta koma office...

Mituna talatin da tashin wannan motar dake dauke da tawagar mu'azz dana Atif amma tsakanin wa'yanan tagwayen kungiyoyi babu wanda yace da dan uwansa kala,they remain silent,amma daga bisani *Tina* tace dasu.

"oh My word,wai haka zamu kasance cikin wannan motan kamar wasu kurame,ya kamata mudance wani abu ai"..

"Hii Tina How are you,Happy now?"
Haka mu'azz ya furta yayin da ya karashe maganan da tsaki....

Daya daga cikin tawagar mu'azz Murtuke fuska tayi hade da cewa....

"Oh Ashe da tawagarku a cikin wannan motar,no wonder shiyasaka naji warin pigs yayi yawa a cikin mota"
bayan ta furta hakan kuwa sai sauran y'an tawagar tata suka fashe da dariya..

Tina murtuke fuska tayi,sa'annan tayi yunkurin cewa wani abu amma bayan tayi ido hudu da Atif saita maida wukar ta tayi shiru ta kyale su.

Tawagar mu'azz dai dauke take da members bakwai wato *mu'azz* din da kansa sai kuma *Nina* *Ahmad* *Forzy* *Samra* *Ali* and *Harun*

Haka dai suka soma fira tsakanin su,Atif ko da sauran yan uwan nasa karewa sukayi kamar wasu kurame....

*5 HOURS* sukayi suna wannan tafiya,wanda a wannan sa'in ko dukkan ninsu sun jikkata shiru sukayi babu mai cewa....komi

Kwatsam sai motar tasu ta tsaya....middle of nowhereπŸ™„
Dogaren bishiyoyine a gurin billa adadin ta sanadiyar hakanne gurin tayi duhu,ciyayin gurin ko sunyi tsawo sosai sa'annan babu alamar wani a kusa..

Direbar dake jan motar ko sauka yayi ya bude gaban motar yadan duba sai yace dasu matsala muka samu....
Dajiyo haka dukkan nin su suka sauko sunamai hamma da mika....

"How long wannan gyaran zai dauka"?
Tambayar da Mu'azz yayi kenan inda Samra ta basa ansar cewa.

"Who knows,amma da dukkan alamu wannan babbar gyara ce"

"Gaskiya babbar gyara ce Mota kawai tana tafiya saita tsaya"
Haka Nina ta furta.....ahakan suka kasance yayinda suka ware kansu gefe guda...

Atif ko tsaye yake wajen direbar yana tayashi but still babu alamar motar zata tashi....

*30 minutes later......*

Zazzaune suke sun wani harhade rai nan sai mu'azz ya yunkura yace....

"Guys I got a idea,mai zai hana mu zaga cikin wannan guri kafin motarmu ta gyaru"?

"Wooo sounds cool"
Haka Forzy ta furta yayin da ta yunkura tsaye.....

"Bad idea,I'm super tired"
Haka Samra tace dasu but suka nace sai data amince tace dasu alright naji....

Haka suka gama a tsakanin su,sai mu'azz ya juya ya fuskanci Atif yace dashi....

"Atif maizai hana mu zaga kafin motar namu ta gyaru"

Dajiyo hakan ko Atif ya d'ago idanu hade da cewa...

"What? you gotta be kidding me,zagawa anan gurin gaskiya this is very bad idea we are in middle of nowhere"

Nanfa Samra ta sami baki ta soma cewa....

"Hakan na gani but tunda babu akin baki ballantana na fari da muke a nan sai nake ganin kamar ya fadi gaskiya"
Haka ta furta nanfa suka fara magana da junan su kamar cen basu taba batawa ba.

Daga karshe dai amince musu yayi yace dasu...

"Okay go and have fun,ni zan tsaya da direbar"
Amincewa sukayi suka shiga cikin motar suka dadauko jakunkunan su hade da bude bout suka dauko katuwar camera dan daukar hoto....

Tsusa kai sukayi cikin dogayen bishiyoyin nan inda Atif yabisu da kallo,tun yana iyya hango su har ya daina ganin su nan sai ya maida ganin sa direbar ko yace dashi.

"Dannan bisu kuje ku shakata,wannan aiki nane"

Murmushi yayi hade da cewa...

"It's alright,banason ka kasance cikin kadaici ne"

Fashewa yayi da dariya hade da kyakyatawa sa'annan yace dashi.

"Babu komi gacen wani mai babir na tahowa zai dan taimakamin kawai ka bisu kuje"
Hakan ya furta yayin da yayi masa nuni da hannu kan mai zuwa da babir din.

Sai Atif yace dashi..

"Alright shikenan"
Dauko jakarsa yayi babu bata lokaci yasa kai shima yabi bayan su.

Bangaren su mu'azz ko cewa yayi dasu duk hanyar da zasu bi su tabbatar sun karya rashi ko kuma ciyawa domin ajiye sheda incase ko motan nasu ya gyaru da wuri a turo Atif naiman su.

Haka ko suka kasance suna aikatawa amma kuma abinda basu sani ba shine duk ganyen da suka karyata daga zaran sun wuce ta dawowa take koma kamar ba'ataba tabata da hunnu bama ballantana karyata.πŸ€”

Ku kasance masu comment idan har kunason cigaba comment naku kwarin gwiwarmu,saina jiku comment more typing always.

✍🏻...........Abdul10k Naku a kullum.
```[when in no way out]```


Abdul Alhaji musa 10k
*phone no:*


*M. W. A*

```Kungiya d'aya tamkar da dubu. Masu Nazari da Aiki da Ilimi, Burin 'kungiyar a ko da yaushe shine ta fad'akar ta ta kuma Nishad'antar da masoyan ta. πŸ€™πŸ»```

*In the name of Allah, the most gracious and the most merciful, may Allah sustain me with courage and comfort from the starting point to the last chapter*

*FREE BOOK*πŸ’―βœ…
*EPISODE 0⃣2⃣*

Atif tafe yake cikin jerin dogayen bishiyoyin nan,yayinda yake waige waige alamar baigane inda suka nufaba kuma babu alamar takun kafafunsu ta ko'ina,nan saiya fara kokonto anya bashi bane yabi sababbiyar hanya......amma duk da haka bai koma bayaba duk da wasiwasin dayake haka yayi ta tsusa kai cikin dajin.

Al'amarin su mu'azz ko tafiye suke cikin nishadi yayinda suke dauke dauken pics(hoto) na duk abinda ya burgesu a wannan guri...
Haka sumadai sukayi ta tafiya mai nisa,yayinda suka kuma manta da abinda suka bari a baya wato mota da kuma dalilinsu na tsayuwa anan guri.

Cikin wannan tafiyar da suke dai,suka ci karo da wata hanya mai matukar burkewa yayinda aka kayatar da hanyan da furanni iri daban daban,sa'annan aka jera wasu kananun duwasu masu launin pink da blue. Abin donin ban sa'awa Kai hatta iskar dake kadawa a wannan gurin ta dabance haka suka shige wannan hanya suka fara taku kowannin su zuciyar sa cike fal da burin ganin inda wannan hanya zata kaisu.......
*[Hmm Masu iyya magana kance kaddara takan riga fata,dako sunsan bala'in da suke tunkara da kuwa sunyi gaggawar yiwa kansu fatar mutuwa domin tafi sauki.]*

Tafiye suke yayinda suka daga kawunan su sama suna ta kalle kalle kai kace dan kauye a *London*

"Wow gaskiya duniya na dauke da abubuwan mamaki iri daban daban....."
Haka Mufyda ta furta cikin muryar mamaki,inda samra tace da ita

"Gaskiya ni tausayawa Atif nake wallahi,gaskiya yayi mummunar choices,danko yayi missing na wannan nishadi"
Fashewa sukayi da dariya bayan ta furta hakan...
Wannan firar da suke sun kasance suna yintane yayinda suke wannan tafiya.

"Wow" Haka Samra ta furta yayinda ta hango wata kyakkyawar bishiya mai launin golden color,kai kace ko da ruwan gold din aka halince ta,danko itatuwan wannan bishiyar launin gold ne,furannin tako fararene gayayenta ko kore......cikin sauri ta karasa hade da ciro wayarta ta soma dauka da hoto..sauran abokan tafiyan natako cen ta barosu a baya danko, hango bishiyar da tayi ta ruga izuwa ga wannan bishiyar,haka dai tayi ta daukar hoton wannan bishiyar. Bayan ta dakata dayin haka sai taga jikin bishiyar na tsastsagewa abin mamakin data gani kuwa shine wannan tsagewar da bishiyar keyi wasu harrufan rubutune ke bayyan ajiki....

Itako ta Kame guri guda ko motsi bata iyayi,sa'annan ta wani zura idanu har saida taga karshen rubutun... Abinda aka rubuta jikin wannan bishiyar ko shine.

*This is a warning*
Karku kuskura kushiga wannan hanyar idan har kunason kanku da arziki.....

Sai kuma alamar kan korangwal☠️☠️☠️dake nuna had'arin gurin.

Bayan ta karanci hakar sai jini ta soma kwararowa ta jikin rubutun a hankali yadda hawaye ke zubowa a fuskar d'an adam.

"Samra........ Samra.... Samra!!"
Haka mu'azz ya furta har sau uku kafin ya dan duki kafadarta....
Firgicewa tayi hade da juyawa cikin sauri tayi ido hudu da mu'azz,tsaye bayanta

Cikin muryar tsoro ta soma jero sunayen abokan tafiyar nata kamar haka.

"Nina,Ahmad,mu'azz,simon,ali,Harun,mufyda,muzzaffar yah kamata mu gaggauta barin wannan gurin it's dangerous".
Haka ta furta inda dukkannin su suka kai ganinsu kanta mu'azz ko cike da mamaki ya wangale baki,sa'anan yace da ita.

"Samra what's wrong?,wai maiyake faruwa ne are you alright?"

"yeah Nasan idan na gaya muku da baki bazaku yadda ba,amma zaku iyya ganema kan ku"
Haka ta furta hade dayi musu nuni kan bishiyar dataga wannan rubutun.

Dukkannin suko suka kai idanunsu gurin inda take musu nunin wato jikin bishiyar amma sai suka tarar da jikin bishiyar normal babu abinda ke jikin bishiyar ta..

*[Reader kuma dai shedune danko tare muka ga wannan al'amari da samra amma nasan dole su karyatata kuma mu bamu data cewaπŸ™„πŸ™„]*

"Nasan idan naaaa"
Haka ta soma cewa but dataga jikin bishiyar sai tayi shiru....
Ta soma jujjuya idanu sa'annan ta sake da cewa...

"Wallahi a jikin wannan bishiyar naga rubutu wacce ke fadin cewa wannan haryar a kwai hadari muyi gaggawar komawa.....kuma..."

Haka mu'azz ya furta cikin kara hade da murtuke fuska,shiru yayi na 'yan wasu dakiku ka finnan ya fashe da dariya haka sukayi ta mata dariya suna cewa wallahi imagining ne kawai take haka tayi iyya kokarinta wajen ganin ta fahimtar dasu but inaaa suko sunyi nisa bazasuji kiraba......

Kara gaba sukayi haka samra itama ta bisu badan son ranta ba,inda da barinsu wannan guri,saiga hannun wani abu mai munin gani ya bayyana ta bayan wannan bishiyar,yayinda kuma ya shafi gurin nan da samra taga rubutun....
Hannun nasa ma kadai abin tsorone danko faratun wannan hannun sunkai tsayin karamar yatsa na bil'adam,sa'annan gashi ta lullube sassar hannun kuma bakin kirin fatarsa ma haka baki kirin.

Ahankali ya shafi daidai inda Harun yasa hannun lokacin da yakewa Samra dariya,daidai wannan gurin abin yasa hannu sa'annan bayan ya dan murza ya soma daga hannun a hankali yana kaiwa sama yayinda nake biye dashi domin son ganin fuskar wannan abar.

Kai hannu yayi kusa da hanci sa,sai yajaa wata kakkaurar nunfashi,hmm wannan abar ko baida kyaun gani,dukda rabin fuskar sa ake iyya gani amma ko gaskiya abin tsoro ne sosai.

Idanun sa jajir kamar garwashin uta,sa'annan yana kuma da dogayen hakwara ga kuma murkushesshen hanci,haka zalika ga murd'edd'en kohu a kansa dad'in da danwa kuma yanada fukafukai irin...

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