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NI DA PATIENT DINA book 2 Complete Hausa Novel Document by NI DA PATIENT DINA book 2


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Author: Mrs Isham ,

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Description/Story: ο»Ώ

πŸ§‘β€βš•οΈπŸ§‘β€βš•οΈ NIDA PATIENT DINA 🩺🩺

Story & Written by (MRS 🌹 ISHAM 🌹)

Da sunan Allah me rahama mejinkai πŸ™ Ina fatan kamar yanda nafara rubuta wannan littafin lfy yabani iKon gamawa lfy ameen πŸ₯°πŸ€Ž

Masha Allah mundawo hutu da izinin Allah.

Book two πŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“š



Page 3️⃣1️⃣

Dagowa fanan tayi dasauri tana kallon me martaba dan San gasgata wani azaad din yake nufi, gyada mata kai me martaba yayi domin tabbatarwa tunani tafarayi taya hakan ze kasance Mr azaad din da bawai sona yakeyi ba zasuce sun mana aure innalillahi wainna ilaijiraji unnn yah Allah Ina rokon ka daka bani iKon cinye wannan jarabawan. Ummi tarasa farin ciki zatayi ko akasin hakan tayi matukar jin dadin wannan labarin domin dama burinta bewuce fanan tazamo surkantan taba gashi Allah ya amsa adduah ta, amma abin tambayan anan shin fanan zata amince da wannan auren kuwa . Mama kam ji takeyi lamarin kamar amafarki cikin awowin dabasu wuce uku zuwa biyu ba har an tabbatar da fanan amatsayin matar aure lallai baa mamaki da iKon Allah me kowa me komai mai tsara komai ayanda yaso kallon fanan kawai takeyi tana tuna zata koma wani gida tayi rayuwa nan take taji wani irin kewarta yakamata, ganin tayi shuru kanta akasa tana wasa da yatsun hannunta ne yasa baba cewa " Fatima nasani ke yace me biyayya ga iyayenta bakya taba sabama umarninmu shisa akoda yaushe nake matukar alfahari na kasancewarki ya agaremu , wannan auren da akayi bawai anyishi bane dan kuntatawa daya daga cikinku bane ah ah! Anyi wannan auren ne domin kare mutunci da martabanku dakuma namu gaba daya, zaku iya fitowa duniya kununa musu kudin ma'aurata ne hakan shikadai ne ze wanke sunanku a idon duniya! Kuma iname tabbatar muku da sesun nemi afuwarku, auren nan da akayi yana daga cikin kaddarar rayuwarku Allah yariga daya kaddara azaad shine mijinki kema kece matarsa kiyi hakuri ki rungumi wannan auren in sha Allah zakiga alkharin dake cikinsa Allah yamuku albarka "
She's speechless gaba daya kalaman baba sun gama kashe mata jiki tama rasa takamemmen mezatace innalillahi wainna ilaijiraji unnn kawai take iya furtawa acikin ranta ahankali tafara samun nutsuwa.
Gaba daya tausayinta yakamasu Abba ne yace " Fatima kifada mana shin kin amince da hakan dan bazaa taba miki dole ba munsan dole zakiji wannan lamarin awani iri amma munyi hakan ne saboda wanke sunanku" kanta akasa tana wasa da kyawawan yatsunta dasuka kasance chocolate color with her sweet voice tace " na amince " basuyi tsammanin hakan ba amma dasukayi laakari da fanan yarinya ce me biyayya ko da batasan abu bazata taba musawa ba kokuma taki bin umarninsu ba, alhamdulillah sukace atare yaseer ne yace " yanzu abinda zefaru asamu ashawo kan azaad inyaso zuwa gobe se ashirya hira dasu agidan tv " jinjina kai sukayi alamar gamsuwa da maganarshi , cigaba da magana yaseer yayi yana kallon faisal" kashirya appointment da BBC news dakuma NTA domin sun dade sunason hira dashi Allah beyi ba seyanzu da dalili yazo nasan zasuji dadin wannan maganar " " to shikenan zanyi hakan yanzu base anjuma ba " aikuwa yana gama magana ya lalubo wayarsa yayi dialing number customer service na BBC news macece ta daga tace " hi, am Jenifer thank you for contacting BBC news how can I help you?" Maida mata da amsa yayi " by the way my name is Faisal adamu I am azaad the billionaire official secretary luckily I want to inform you that your appointment has been approved " wani irin ihun farin ciki tasa tana " heyyy thank you jesus " bama ita kadai ba hatta sauran ma'aikatan dasukaji labarin murna kawai sukeyi dan abinda suka dade suna jira kenan yin hira dashi bakaramin daraja zedagawa gidan tv suba domin he's the most famous person da kowan ne suke bukatar tattaunawa dashi. Haka faisal yakara kiran NTA yasanar dasu kafin yakashe wayarsa. Duk shuru sukayi suna jiran suji abinda me martaba zece

____ " alhamdulillah abu nagaba danakeso infada duk da kunsani kuma shine! duk yarinyar da aka daura aurenta tana tarewane agidan mijinta a ranar inbawai akwai wani kwakwaran dalili bane zehanata tarewa" yajuwa ga su ummi yacigaba" Aysha yau base gobe ba ku fara shirin daukan amarya banyan sallah isha " daf!daf!daf gaban fanan yatsinke ta shiga uku yanzu ana nufin bazata kwana agidansu ba wani irin rayuwa zatayi atare da Mr azaad. Abinda baba yake tunani yazo daya da abinda mama da su ya Usman suke tunani taya zaayi amarya ta tare batare da iyayenta sun mata kayan daki daduk wani abinda ake bukata ba, suna bukatar abasu ko nan da gobe ne saboda bawai basu dashi bane Allah ya hore musu abinda zasu mata irin na yar gata ma kuwa.
Baba ne ya nisa kafin yace " me martaba agafarceni, banqi ta taka ba domin kai amarya aranar da aka daura aurenta izuwa dakin mijinta bakaramin lada zata samu ba da albarkan aure saboda hakan shine ka'ida ! amma abamu daga yau zuwa gobe wannan auren yazo mana baa kan shiri ba bamu tanadi komai ba in sha Allah daga yau zuwa gobe inyaso se azo adauketa" murmushi irin tasu ta manya me martaba yayi yana kallon yan falon gaba dayansu sannan yace " shin awani ayah ko hadisi kukaji ance kayan dakin mace dakuma duk wani abinda zata bukata agidan aurenta yarataya aka wuyan iyayenta ? To bari kuji abinda kuka manta a musulunce muddin mutum ya auro mata komai yanakanshi daga abinda yakama gida wato muhalli, kayan amfanin gida, tufafinta, shanta da ciyar da ita duk ya tattara akan wuyanka amatsayinka na shugaba agareta! Yanzu ne da zamani yake juyawa yakoma juyi_juyi iyaye suka fara kai yayansu da kayan su gado su setin daki dasauransu amma badole bane wannan kuma yin hakan shike Kara sangarta mazan sukeyin duk abinda suka gadama gadaransu yanzu shine kawai sadaki zasu bada da kayan lefe se gida shikenan amma da su sukeyin komai da komai dakansu bazasu taba kuskuren sakin matansu ba dan haka babu abinda fatima zata tafi dashi gidan mijinta koda kuwa cokali ne " babu yanda su baba suka iya tabbas maganar me martaba gaskiya yafada amma yanzu anawa mata hakane domin gudun reni ko kana nan maganganu.
Abba da ummi kuwa sunji dadin maganar da me martaba yafada domin suma abinda zasu fada kenan yarigasu domin sune da matukar godiya da baba yabasu auren fanan yarinya me hankali da tarbiya babu gidan da bazaayi farin cikin samun yah Kamar taba .
Karfe 5:00 saura Adduah me martaba yayi sosai taro yakare, mikewa yayi rike da sandar shi yana musu sallama su fulani da galadima suma sukabi bayanshi suka tafi, su abba ma fitowa sukayi zasu tafi suka rako su har bakin gate suna musu se anjuma insunzo daukan amarya tare da musu godiya sosai ahaka sukayi sallama . Komawa cikin gida sukayi suna jinjina iKon Allah babu wanda yayi zaton haka awannan lokacin zama sukayi suna dan maida magana mikewa fanan tayi tabarsu afalon bin bayanta sukayi da kallo gaba daya jikinsu babu laka bin bayanta suhaima da amira sukayi dakin akwance suka sameta kanta na kallon saman celling kamar wata me tunani zama sukayi akusa da ita.
Baba ma dakinshi yashiga bayanshi mama tabi dan tanason jin yanda sukayi dangane da fanan.

πŸ§‘β€βš•οΈπŸ§‘β€βš•οΈ NIDA PATIENT DINA 🩺🩺

Story & Written by..

Page 3️⃣2️⃣

_____ " babansu yakamata kafada musu komai dangane da fanan kar azo daga baya abu yazo yacabe " cewar mama dake zaune tana facing din baba , Maida hankali baba yayi gunta yace " haba sumayya ta taya kike tunanin zan boye musu wani abu dangane da yarmu nafada musu komai domin me martaba Shima ashe yanada labarin amma besan wacece takamemmen sarauniya ba " yafadi hakan ayayin da yake bude wata locker dake jikin wardrobe dinshi kudi yafito dasu akalla sun kai dubu dari hudu " Kinga wannan kudin ki kira firdausi kibatasu taje kasuwa tasiyowa fanan kayan sawa dakuma akwatin da zaa sasu amma banda atamfa shi innaje shago zabayar wa tela yamata dinki " yamika matasu ahannunta karba tayi tana jujjuya kudin ahannunta hawayen dake kokarin zubowa a idonta ta mayar dasu tana fadin " yanzu kenan fanan ayau zatabar gidan nan tun kafin ta tafi nafara kewarta bansan wace irin rayuwa yata zatayi atare da wanda bayason taba " shikanshi baba abin yadameshi amma hakan shine ze samo musu sauki , girgiza kai yayi kafin yace " karki fadi haka aure anriga da anyishi amatsayinki ta mahaifiyarta adduah kawai zaki mata na zaman lafiya agidanta " jiki asanyaye mama tace" hakane Allah yabasu zaman lafiya " ameen.

____ " haba azaad sekace baka da tausayi dan saboda kaine fah wannan abun yafaru da yarinyar nan Yakamata da akayi maganar auren nan kabada goyon bayanka dari bisa dari amma ko kunyar iyayenta bakaji ba afili kace bakason yarsu " cewar yaseer da dawuwansu kenan yashigo part din Azaad, duk wannan maganganu dayakeyi azaad najinshi kalla bece mishi ba shikadai yasan abinda yake damunshi duk bazasu fahimmce shi bane, tashi yayi yazauna yana kwabe fuska yace " yaseer nasani nasan saboda nine sunan yarinyar yabaci kuma am willing to do anything daduk karfina wajan ganin nawanke sunanta amma aiba dole seta hanyar aurenta ba ! Can you imagine wai kamar ni azaad muhammad mainasara the billionaire nizaawa auren dole unbelievable, bana sonta kwata_kwata kuma banajin zan iya sonta saboda she's still kid to me akwai sauran yarinta akanta and tamin karama , duk inda aka ambaci aure yashiga tsakani to andauki amanarta ne anbaka kulawa da ita, lafiyanta rashin lafiyanta dakuma tarbiyanta se adalci nikuma yanda banasanta banajin zan iyayin daya daka cikin wayan nan abubuwan shisa bazan iya zama da ita ba " tabbas abinda azaad yafada haka shin ze iya kula da fanan ne ko baze iyaba mutumin da ko kadan mata basa gabanshi be masan tayanda zekula dasu ba wani irin tausayin fanan ne yakamashi amma yasa aranshi in sha Allah seyayi iyayinshi naganin ya dedeta tsakaninsu da iKon Allah.
_____ " to yanzu de ba wannan ba kashirya ayau zaa kawo maka amaryaka kazama cikin shiri dan acikin daren nan Yakamata ka angonce " cike da shakiyanci yaseer yake maganar dan yasan yanzu ze fusata azaad, uhmmm kawai azaad yafada yana aiyanawa aranshi inya kusanci wannan jaririyar aiseta kusan mutuwa, Yaseer de tashi yayi yabarshi adakin dan yaga azaad inya fusata zasuyi dauki ba dadi.

Anty firdausi ce da mama, suhaima,Amira,auta afalon suna zaune sunata bubbude kayan da anty firdausi tasiyo da kudin da baba yabada kayane nagani nafada akwati biyu masu kyau abaya ne da akalla zasu kai guda ashirin se wasu fitinan nun kana nan kaya nahutawa dakuma liffaya suma sunkai 20 da takalma da jaka se jewelries nagani nafada kaya de masu matukar kyau suna zaune suna kallon kaya ya usman da ya al ameen suka shigo suma hannunsu niki_niki rike da manyan ledoji na kayan cosmetics daga abinda yayi kan turare, kayan make up, lotion,soaps shower gel, shower perfume etc. Shirya kayan akayi duka a akwatu nan se aka fitar mata da wanda zatasa yau suka gama shiryasu tsaf. Ana kiraye_kirayen sallah mangrib mama tace " firdausi yakamata kitashi kuje ki shiryata kinga lokaci natafiya kar babansu yashigo yasamu baa kammala ba" Daukan kayan dazata sa anty firdausi tayi takai dakin tasameta tana kwance tabawa kofa baya zagayowa tayi gabanta idonta biyu ba bacci takeyi ba , hannu anty firdausi tasa tadagota tazauna murya asanyaye tace kitashi kije kiyi wanka tare da alwala inkikayi sallah sena shiryaki " babu musu tamike tashiga wanka, tayi wankan tadauro alwala tafito daure da towel amma ta rame fuskanta fayau dogon rigar jallabiyarta tasa tadau hijab ta tada sallah seda tayi adduah sosai kamin tadan jabaya tajinginu da jikin gadon . Matsowa kusa da ita anty firdausi tayi tarike kafadarta sannan tace " fanan kidena sawa kanki wasu irin tunani ki karbi komai ayanda yazo miki kuma kikara da godewa Ubangiji yasa hakan shine mafi alkhari domin duk abinda kikaga yasamu bawa to muqaddarine daga Allah , nasan tunaninki ya karkata akan wani irin zama zakiyi da mijinki da bayasonki to kisani wannan abu ne me sauki inkika kara mika lamuranki ga Allah sannan ahankali hankali zakike cusawa mijinki sonki azuciyarshi mu mata inde mukaso babu tayanda bama bi da namiji duk yanda kikaso zaki iya lankwasashi domin namiji zumane seda wuta kisa aranki zakuyi rayuwar farin ciki kedashi ko bakuyi ayanzu ba zakuyi nan gaba zanyi duk iya kokarina wajan tallafa miki kina dani kidenajin wani kunya kinji ko " gyada mata kai tayi domin kalamanta sun kwantar mata da hankali tadanji relief, karajin kwarin guiwa tayi.

Jin datayi anshiga sallan isha ne yasa ta tashi ta tada kabbarah bayan ta idar ne anty firdausi tace mata tazauna agaban mirror zama tayi kamar yanda tabukata miko mata wasu mayuka masu bala'in dadi tayi dan tashafa shafawa tayi tana jin kamshin har tsakiyar kanta light make up anty firdausi tamata karkuso kuga fanan yanda tayi kyau da make up din nan, Mika mata wando na jeans dakuma yellow din body hook me dogon hannu tayi karba tayi tasa bakaramin kamata sukayi ba tab sukamata sunzauna ajikinta sosai hips din nan kamar zasu faso wandon sufito , liffaya anty firdausi tadauko fari sol medan touch din yellow ajiki nada matashi tayi mekyau ajikinta ta mata dauri da dolface yellow gashin kanta kuwa dauresu tayi seya zama kamar gammo dan kunne da sarka tasa mata se awarwaro da abin hanci me dan karamin stone rufa mata liffayan tayi ajikinta tako Ina harda fuskanta sannan tafesheta da wasu mayun turare masu kamshi sosai tabata takalmi white color se hand bag dinta,shiryata tsaff tayi wani irin kyau da fanan tayi mara misaltuwa tafito sakk amarya , rikota anty firdausi tayi tazauna akan gadon tana kokarin rufe mata fuska kenan segasu amira, suhaima sunshigo suma sun gama shiryawa cikin atamfa sunyi kyau sosai zama sukayi akusa da ita suna yaba irin kyaun datayi kamar su saceta sugudu duk yanda takai da basar dasu seda suka dan sata dariya, dan dazunma dasuka shigo dakin dataga zasu dameta kawai tasharesu tajuya musu baya.

Anty amina, anty shayida anty Zainab se zeenat ne zasuje dauko amarya su yaseer da fawwaz ne zasu kaisu duk sunci ado abunsu suka nufi anguwarsu fanan motar uku kawai suka dauka dan baason ayi yawanda zaa gane,bayan su isone suka shigo falon mama suka zauna suna Kara gaisawa mikewa anty firdausi tayi tashige dakin tariko...

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